Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have been up all night--again. Took banana bread out of the oven at 5am. I seem to be regaining my enthusiasm for baking and cooking. I had "lost the love" for many years--living alone and all--and couldn't even get things to work well. Lost the knack. Have been enjoying it again lately--and when I can put the joy and the love back into the mix--things turn out well and taste better, you know? I might have to finally get myself a stand mixer and a food processor this winter. I have needed them for years--but when you don't enjoy the process, what's the point, right? Now--we'll see? It might have returned for some unknown reason--hehe! And if it has, then it would be worth the investment.

Played with my new grinding stone and the long bristle wolf brush in the middle of the night--LOVE them both! Am getting very tired and will be laying down for a nap soon--or a good long sleep--whichever I am blessed with today. :)

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Serena Lewis said...

It looks scrumptious!!!