Sunday, October 28, 2007


Karma never paid any attention to the computer screen until a couple weeks ago. I am trying to teach her that she can get right in front of the screen (her favorite spot) if I move the keyboard over and am playing games or doing something where I am only using the mouse. If I don't move the keyboard she has to back off. She seems to be getting this concept.
One of her favorite games is Bejeweled 2.
Confession: last night I actually played YouTube videos of cats for Karma. She was fascinated by this cat chasing a laser dot and watched it three times before she got bored.
Well, I tried my hand at the pottery clay yesterday--several sessions. Not going very well. At first I tried to make a box turtle--using a cut up dixie cup, cotton balls, and tape for a base. (because they are supposed to be hollow). It was a disaster and ended up a ball of clay again.

Then I tried a fish--making it solid and then scraping the inside out once I had the basic form. Semi-disaster and too ugly to even post a picture. I left it in a plastic bag with wet sponges all night. We'll see if I can still manipulate the clay today. I can't figure out how to attach the fins decently. It is way too big and very clunky looking. Might end up back in a ball of clay again, also.

My problem is I am not used to this type of clay. It dries out so rapidly that it becomes hard to work with. When I try to make something thinner (like the fins) it dries and splits and crumbles. Add water and it turns to slip. I, obviously, do not know how to work with this pottery clay very well at all. I am thinking that I might have to try to do this project with the polymer clay.

Polymer clay stays pliable until it is fired. I know I can get thin and delicate pieces without the splitting and crumbling because the one thing I had tried to make was roses. I had gotten just so far and quit. Was something I was doing while I watched TV a couple of years ago. Planned to make a bouquet by using wire stems and florist's tape. Kind of got stuck on searching for leaf samples, actually, and never tried the leaves. Now that I have tried this pottery clay--it makes me yearn for my polymer clay again--hehe!

Well, I will give the pottery clay another shot today. If I can't come up with anything worthwhile, I will try it with polymer clay instead. That I can make and bake right at home (in a toaster oven I have just for that purpose)--so no rush, either. Wish me luck!

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