Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The OAS order arrived this afternoon! I think I can see why the grinding stones were on sale. The wooden top is rather scuffed up--like they had been shuffled about for a long time in the boxes, I guess. If you were buying it for looks--not so hot. Click to enlarge and you'll see how marred it is. But--to me--the top is kind of useless, anyways. I never leave ink in the grinding stone when I am done painting--I clean it out. Karma doesn't ever try to lick the ink when I am painting or anything. And you can't use the wooden cover to smooth the brush like you can with a stone cover, either. The stone does look very nice, tho. :) I am more concerned with keeping Karma out of the colored inks. Notice the chunks of yellow in the little bag by her head--they are poisonous--which is why I have the little jar ready to plop them into. Karma was interested in the bamboo paper cutter--that is what she is sniffing.
I got a little bit of double shuen paper--the good stuff--not practice paper--just in case Leah or I ever feel up to trying some nicer paper.
Here's the comparison with the sizes of the grinding stones and the porcelain dishes. The grinding stone I bought on sale is the 7-inch size--huge! Now I have two round stones so that both Leah and I will have grinding stones when she is here. I'll probably let Leah use the large one when she's here, since I can use it any time, right? I am just happy to have round stones! Feels so different when you are grinding.

I had a hard time using the stack of shallow porcelain dishes that I already had around here for watercolors. Always afraid of spilling over the edges and there's very little room to mix. I have never really liked them--not for western watercolors, either. I finally got the deeper dishes--tada! If I like them (which I think I will) I might get another set eventually, too, since I have quite a few colors and you can leave them in the dishes and re-wet them. I'll have to find another use for the shallow, smaller ones, I guess.

Yesterday my computer was acting all weird. I couldn't get any pages at all to open on my desk computer, but everything was working on my laptop and my Internet connection was fine. ?? This went on for some time. I left it alone and hoped that it would heal itself. (My electronic and mechanical things can do that sometimes--hehe!) It did. Last night it was working again. ???? :)

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