Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday Leah worked on cards. She did this new thing where she used brass stencils and spackle! Gives a 3D effect. (We had tried this with plaster of Paris when my folks were here and it was a disaster--wrong stuff.) This shows you the spackle (pliable and cleans up with water), spatulas, stencils, and paint.
We have no idea what this says, but it looks cool! Leah mixed some red acrylic paint with the spackle and that worked, too! So cool!
She tried the detailed angel for me to see if it would work on such tiny spots--yes! And it stays pliable so it won't crack or crumble in the mail!! So exciting!
Right before she and Dagan had to leave for dinner with friends Leah was hand painting the cake with tiny brushes to see if that worked--yes!
Here's what it looks like when we really get going on cards.
See--it is not always clean and organized--hehe!
Leah has to have the laptop set up near her because she is on call for work. She got a little Gateway laptop at Best Buy for really cheap--like $350! So now she doesn't have to borrow mine (hers died many months ago). The various buckets on the floor have clay and slip and various tools for claymaking. We can still make things by hand this week, I guess, and still get them fired twice. I was too sore to do anything yesterday--and today. But maybe tomorrow?
Meanwhile, Dagan came over after work and was on the desktop computer while Leah made cards.
Now today, I can't get on the Internet on my laptop. I think when they got Leah's set up it bumped mine off. Dagan will come over after work tomorrow afternoon and look at it.
Today--up at 7:30am--TADA!!!! Happy to be back on days! Is a dark, cool, rainy day again.
The new little tetras look happy. The rummy nose is out all the time now. The fish are very happy!
I am a little less sore today than I was yesterday. Slept a little better. So, tomorrow will be even better, right? I can relax today and look at my bright, clean aquarium--ahhh! When I am up to it--Tuesday I had Caroline bring down the winter clothes in the rack so I can switch clothes for the season. It will stand here in the living room until I can deal with it--hehe! Glad to get it over here from the storage area, tho. Always something waiting to be done, right? :)
Have a great day!!!!

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