Sunday, October 14, 2007


This is a really gross project to be doing on a Sunday morning--hehe! Complete tear down of a fish tank! I figured I'd get half done now when the sun came up--but it is an overcast morning today. I removed the cover--which holds the pump and is not easy to remove, I must say. Scrubbed that down...
Started yanking out the live plants--whew! What a mess of floating bottom crud that created!! Both these buckets are filled with plants and I still have more to pull out of the tank. The one with the towel over has most of the fish in it. I have a few more to catch, but am exhausted and taking a break. The towel keeps them quieter and prevents them from trying to escape into the jaws of the cat--hehe!
Big rocks, filter, pump, and heater..scrubbed as best as I can muster. The algae is firmly attached to that fake rock especially.
Hard to see to catch the littlest fish and the pleco is hiding someplace and I haven't discovered where yet. I am saving him for last because he is going to be really difficult to catch. I wish I had a larger net than I do.
As you can see--the bar across the middle of the top of the tank makes catching any fish a real challenge. I am pretty good at two-netting fish, but a bit out of practice. (Used to work pet shops for many years.) It is a real trick with that bar up there--and harder with the smaller nets, too. Slow work. Have to try to keep the fish pretty calm. As soon as they get too edgy I just take a break for a while and let them settle down. I think I have maybe four left hiding in there--counting the plecostomus--and the rummy nose tetras are hyper to begin with--hehe! Patience! Patience! Going to try to get them all out before I go to bed. Yes--I am still on the crazy hours. *sigh*
Confession: I used to tear down my tanks about once a year and it has been over two years since this one has been torn down. Not counting the cleaning with the python, of course--which I also do not do as often as I should.
Well, I am off to hunt and capture... :)

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