Saturday, October 13, 2007


This sleeping all day and being up all night is a bit disconcerting. Throws me off my game, I guess. I haven't been at the computer much. Did bake chocolate chip cookies and made a meatloaf yesterday. Still going with the cooking and baking. I played again with the brush painting supplies, too--but I can't do some of the other things on my "to-do" list in the middle of the night (like clean the fish tank). Makes too much noise in the water pipes to be running water for so long in an apartment building--and it is harder to see the fish without some daylight in here when you take the cover with the light off the tank. I think it throws Karma off, too--a bit. Cats are more adaptable about sleeping schedules--they sleep 90% of the time in the first place--but she is confused about when her morning treat is coming--hehe! (I give her about a tablespoon of canned cat food.) It made no sense to her to get her treat when it was actually morning when I had been up all night--she didn't even eat it. She wants it after I wake up--whenever that happens to be. She prefers her routine, eh?

Well, I am still getting some things done, I guess. I do have to be up during the day by Tuesday when Caroline comes to clean--so I will have to try to switch around a bit before then. Not easy to set an alarm when you are actually getting sleep--and having good dreams instead of pain dreams. I was having this great dream where I had joined this group of people dancing down the sidewalk--just joyously moving and dancing down the sidewalk--a long line of people. We were having a great time! Spreading the joy! Spreading the joy! Ahhh!

Maybe Monday I'll set the alarm and try to start switching my hours a bit...hehe! :)

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