Sunday, October 21, 2007


Since I took this photo--one of the really long pieces curled up on the ends and broke when I flipped it for drying. So, they may be just too long to work--hehe! We have rolls of practice paper that wide and were going to try to make a single paperweight. Might not have been a good idea--chuckle! Live and learn. I wanted to get all the longer, larger ones made while Leah was here. I might try some smaller ones today on my own. Just an idea. If they work, fine. If they don't, fine. Can't say we don't try new things. :)
My replacement cover arrived yesterday from OAS! Looks so nice! They were very good about it and sent this one out right away. Glad I had pictures to send them, eh? So now I have a beautiful wooden cover for my large grinding stone!
The wooden spoons you can see in the picture--we used those to roll against to end up with an even depth to the paperweights. Had to think of something, right?
Anyways, I have had people asking about what some of these items are that I have been purchasing for brush painting and how are they used? So, for the grinding stones and ink sticks--here are some videos from Haiying:
When Haiying came back from Beijing she made some videos to show what she had brought back and could sell to us. I purchased a slender wolf brush--the shorter bristled one. Wish I could paint so freely. One day!! Keep practicing, right?
Here is more about how to go about grinding the ink:
This is the cheaper ink stick I ordered. I got one oil and one charcoal ink stick.
So, there's some information from Haiying about the grinding stones, one of the brushes I bought, and the ink sticks. Sometimes it is better to see things being used and hear someone explain them than to just have photos. :)
It is specifically because of Haiying's videos that I decided to try brush painting. I learn art techniques, especially, much better by watching somebody than from books.
If you like the links to videos let me know. I can use links more often. :)

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