Monday, October 22, 2007


Now that it has been colder out and the door isn't left open--Karma parks herself in this position until I notice her and let her out. If I don't see her for a while, she will meow at me and let me know she needs human assistance. She was annoyed with me because I didn't come over to let her out right away and went and got the camera instead--hehe!
Dagan is coming over his lunch hour today to help me with my website host issues. I was using 1& and they cancelled me without any warning whatsoever. I emailed them to ask why--and got an email back that just basically said, yes, you are cancelled--with no explanation. Then, believe it or not, I got a questionnaire about their service!? I said I was very unsatisfied with the recent turn of events and told them I have another host. (Dagan is going to host it, I think?) So then I get an email saying--you are not cancelled, ignore previous email--!?! I emailed back and said I wanted to stay cancelled. They sent me a link that I have to use to cancel and said I have seven days to use it to cancel. The information and choices are so confusing to me--I am having Dagan come today to check it out. Dagan might have to call them--because he told me the domain name is separate from the website hosting. My domain name is supposed to be paid up until May of 2008. But it sounded like they were going to cancel my domain name also if I cancelled their hosting service. Confusing? Yup!! I hope Dagan can sort it out this afternoon.

I am making us a beef and cashew stir fry! Yummy!

I have been going to bed at like 8-9pm and getting up around 4am. Days it is, eh? :) The sun is actually out today--hurray!

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