Friday, May 08, 2009


Here's the paper after a day of being pressed under the heavy books. :)

I had to try to show you a close up of the real flower stickers. My one questionable item I ordered--and I LOVE them!! So tiny and delicate! They're only about the size of a dime. :) I'll have to think of some special way to use them! So pretty!
Okay--I wanted to show you the difference between the pink sponge that is part of the papermill kits and the tiling sponges Leah bought at the hardware store. No comparison, eh? They come in a package of six, as I recall. So when they get stained and old--we can grab another one. We're still on the first one, BTW, tho.
Now that our first sheets are dry and I have had a chance to handle them--I think we need to make thicker paper. I think we need to try one and a half or two sheets of red typing paper instead of one. We are going to be adding the cotton linter moulds to the front afterwards and these sheets are a little too thin to hold up, I think? Can use them for something else or throw them back in the blender--hehe! That's the nice thing about making paper--if you don't like what you end up with you can reuse/recycle the paper.
Karma spent the whole day on the porch yesterday. Got a little too cool for me with the wind and all--but Karma couldn't drag herself inside.

It has really cooled off and has been dark since last night. Scattered rain. Only 43 degrees right now. Even Karma is not wanting to go outside much today--hehe! Karma and I are just planning a quiet, lazy day today. If you can call that planning--ROFL!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Lovely flower stickers! I used to use a tiler's sponge instead of brushes to apply varnish to my finished wood pieces...worked really well as it left a nice, smooth surface with no brushmarks.

Awwwww, how sweet that Karma is enjoying the porch again ~ :)

Enjoy your day!

Rita said...

Wow! That's a great idea! Leah and I have a few things to stain and varnish this summer--have to keep that in mind. Thanks!! :)

Yup! Had a really great, lazy, quiet, peaceful day with my Karma. :)