Tuesday, May 05, 2009


First of all, before I forget--I wanted to post some links. I originally saw information about this on Oprah and haven't been able to stop thinking about it--because of Dagan, of course, and the many people who could benefit from being able to literally grow their own replacement parts! What a world, eh? :):)

I did make just a few more cards...

...knowing that I won't be able to for a while. Leah is coming over this afternoon and we are going to begin on handmade paper--and that takes up the whole craft table for drying when Leah is here to help. :):) Oh--and I'll be making videos of the process for youtube.
Last night I sat and divided up my ribbon and lace box into four different plastic bags. That took quite a while--a lot of rolling involved--which was endlessly fascinating to Miss Karma. Anything whatsoever that reminds her of a string is meant to be chewed upon, right? Wrong, Missy!
I was up all night again--had a two hour nap--and here I am. Caroline is coming pretty soon, so this will be quick. I did make another video of the finished cards for youtube. Been raining again and cool. I don't mind this cool spring weather, of course. Been sleeping with the bedroom window open! :):) Busy day today! Later...


Serena Lewis said...

Sometimes, I wish I could work in the studio all night and sleep through the day...I think I'd get more done with no distractions.

The re-growing of tissues is interesting stuff though my son lost his fingertip when he was a child and it grew back all on its own without that miracle powder. I also have to wonder whether this miracle powder will ever be available to anyone but the rich.

Rita said...

When I was snooping around online and finding information about tissue regeneration they said that often children can spontaneously regrow fingertips and such on their own! So you already knew all about that! Amazing what our bodies can do, eh?

I do love the quiet of the night and have always been a "night person"--but sleeping past noon I feel all off kilter all day. Seems that living alone and being home almost 24/7 I have a tendency to work my way around the clock. Always come back around to days--and then to nights again. Oh well. Doesn't bother Miss Karma--ROFL!! :):)