Friday, May 29, 2009


Beautiful day yesterday! Might be about the same today.
Read a lot on the porch--while the weather is nice. :)
Sunny morning again. 41 degrees, but it is supposed to hit the 70's again. Good book reading weather! :)

At 4am there was a lot of shouting on a balcony below me someplace. We have had some new families moving in. I suppose it might be a new resident. Great! :(

There was shouting--a woman laughing, taunting--doors slamming violently. I shut my bedroom window and turned on my noise machine. I think it might have lasted half an hour or so that I know of. I fell back to sleep, thank goodness. :)

Speaking of--got a notice in the mail that my rent is going up again in August. It has gone up $37.00 in the 4 1/2 years since I've been here. Rents have been creeping up everywhere, though.

I believe Leah and all the siblings (and probably the husbands) are helping Leah's mom, Vicki, move this weekend. Leah's been over this week helping her pack and such. Sounds like it's a beautiful lake home. Nice! Sounds so peaceful. I hope she just loves it there. After dealing with the flooding for so many years, she deserves a worry-free place to call home. Not that any place is totally worry-free, but at least it should be flood free. Hurray!

Have a great day! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

It looks like we are going to get rain here we haven't already had enough from a week ago when we had all the flooding. I was hoping to get the lawn mowed but it will have to wait as the backyard is still like a swamp with the rain from a week ago. :(

I hate when neighbours fight. In one the previous homes we lived in, my bedroom was on the side of the neighbours back pergola and, in the wee hours one morning, there was a huge fight going on and it frightened me because they were threatening was just the drink talking but it still scared me.

I hope the move for Leah's Mum goes well.

Enjoy your lovely weather ~ :)

Serena Lewis said...

I meant to say that our rent went up again recently too despite the fact that interest rates shot down to their lowest in a very long time, as well as home values dropping.....I'm not too happy about the rent rise but....we gotta have somewhere to live and they know it. :(

Rita said...

After all that drought, now you have to wait to dry out enough to mow! Good grief!

I've lived over half my adult life in apartments. I've had the party people, fighters, and loud lovers--hehe! Usually they haven't lasted long here, thank goodness. They do evict people for noise complaints. So--hopefully it won't last long. Maybe it was a moving in tiff? One can hope it was a one-time thing, right? :)

Rents had been going up here the last several years because of fuel costs rising. But now it's also because more people are losing their homes and NEED to rent. Supply and demand. Everybody trying to make a buck. Sad, but true. :(

I hope the weather stays nice for Leah's mom's move this weekend. They're talking rain tomorrow. Maybe she'll be mostly moved before then? :)