Saturday, May 02, 2009


I worked on the Thank You cards off and on again all day and into the night. :)
Miss Karma caught the last sliver of sun around noonish.

Here are the cards--not all the way done, but getting close!
The two that had crystals drying didn't get taped together with carpet tape last night.
I'll do that today--and work on the insides--at least of the Thank You cards. I made more than I needed, so I can turn them into any kind of card I want, I guess.
I was just having soooo much fun!
Reminded me of when I was a little kid in art class...
...or when I went to that art camp that one summer in grade school...
...ahhhh! Had such a good time. We made papier mache puppets...
...macaroni necklaces...
...pasta collages...
...clunky beaded bracelets...
...and finger paintings!! All the classics! There were many more, but that's all I can remember now almost 50 years later. Anyways, I am having a great time making cards that don't all look exactly the same and playing with the embellishments! hehe!
I was on the phone--as expected--most of the morning yesterday. Got a form from the school loan folks (eight pages). Talked with two different billing departments about the oral surgery bills. Funny--I went to the same place, sat in the same waiting room--but the bills are from two different places? One is from the hospital ($149.99) and the new bill is from the clinic ($510.00). The lady from hospital billing told me that bill is paid off completely by Medicare??? I said I had a bill in my hand, but she said it was all paid--so I am not sending any money on that smaller bill. If she was wrong, I'm sure I'll get another bill next month, right?
The other billing department said it was okay if I made payments. So--got that done yesterday. Well, I still have to go thru the eight pages and fill out forms & make copies for the school loan. Hopefully have that ready to mail by Monday. :) It's not that I don't deal with all of the red tape repeatedly--it's that I deal with the red tape repeatedly--chuckle!
Today I have my grocery order from CashWise coming between 2-4pm. Got to get moving! Upper 50's today and dry! Have a great day!!


  1. OH, your cards are so pretty!!!

    It's great that you can pay the bigger bill off in instalments and I do hope the other lady was right and you don't have anything to pay back at all on the smaller one.

  2. I had soo much fun making them. I think it was the joy of being able to use different supplies--hehe!

    Me, too! I'll know next month.

    Hope you're feeling lots better now. :):)


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