Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here's Caroline! Haven't had a picture of her for a long time. Funny--she said the last picture I took was probably with her vacuuming. Better than cleaning the toilet, I replied--ROFL!! She is such a great young lady!
Funny--I seldom take pictures of people because I don't want to be intrusive, you know? Leah and I hate to have our pictures taken--period. And I don't see many people in the first place--ROFL!!
Miss Karma--basically she doesn't mind too much--and she is at my mercy--hehe!
I couldn't find her last night for a while. She was sleeping on a chair under the table--out like a light. All that fresh air she has been getting I guess, eh? :)
Well, plans have shifted, as they so often do. :) Leah's mother has been waiting to move. The government recently bought her house (and several other people's--before the floods) because she was in an area they plan to flood--wrong side of a dike they have been planning to build for many years.

She has a house picked out--small town about 45 minutes away from Moorhead, I think?--but had been waiting on actually getting paid for her house. Not sure if she finally did or she just has to close on the new house, but she is getting ready to move--closing on the 29th.

So--Leah is busy with helping her mom and I probably won't see her for a couple of weeks. I sure hope everything goes well and it is an easy move. :):)

Yesterday I washed clothes after Caroline left. Was in bed early and up early. Nice! Sun is shining now-but we're supposed to have rain moving thru again today like we did yesterday. In the 70's tho!! Hope it is nice where you are and you have a great day!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I hope all goes well with the house move for Leah's Mum....does this move bring her closer to where Leah lives?

Karma looks so sweet sleeping on the chair.

Speaking of floods, we've had our fair share over the past two days in South-East Queensland and many suburbs have been declared disaster zones. One poor man died when gale-force winds picked up an awning from somewhere else and crashed it through his office window. Kids were stranded overnight at one of the schools. Thankfully, we didn't get flooded out where we live but there was a lot of water over the roads...dangerous conditions. I try to stay indoors when it's that bad but I do worry about the kids having to get to and from work. The good news is that our drought of many, many years is now declared officially over! :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
No--her mom is moving away from the Fargo/Moorhead area here--but not too far away. I think Leah said it is about a 45 minute drive or so.

Sounds like you went from drought to flood insanity just like that! Isn't that how it goes sometimes? I'm glad you are safe and I hope everybody stays safe! The power of the earth's weather can often be fearsome! Yes--stay safe! :):)

Wilson Venancio said...

Karma is so cute!!!! We haven't had a cat for a while so I envy you being able to play with a cute furry animal like her.

Rita said...

Hi Wils!!
I do love cats. Perfect for apartment living. I used to work in small pet shops--have had many, many animals in my life. My favorites are probably African Greys and cats. Miss Karma is the most unique cat I have ever lived with--hehe! :)

Leah said...

I believe it's the county not the government that's buying her house, she is waiting for payment, thus the closing on it on 5/29/09, was the first of April before then it got moved back to the first of June, now moved up again to the above date, hopefully they don't change it again... ;) Her new place is thankfully very flexible, it's a lake place that they were going to use on the weekends, partime, but the guys family hated it, so they put it on the market, it is very nice and will become my mother's only year round home. It's about 1 hour and 30 minutes away, maybe 1 hour and 20 minutes away depending on traffic and road construction from Fargo/Moorhead. Anyway, looks like everything will go well now. She'll be farther away now, but it will be a nice place to visit, and on a nice clean Minnesota Lake. ;)

Thanks, Leah...

Rita said...

Okay--wasn't sure which government it was--county, state, or federal--but the county is still the government, tho. She'll be farther away than I thought. Obviously I couldn't remember. I sure hope she likes it there. Sounds really, really nice to be on a Minnesota lake--ahhh! Thanks for the info, Leah. ;) I sure hope all goes well for her with this whole move. :):)