Sunday, May 03, 2009


I put out Karma's "outside" food and water on the porch a couple of days ago.
Since then, if the porch door is closed, she begs to go out just to drink a little water or munch down a few morsels of kibble--because, as we all know, it tastes so very much better than that inside stuff--ROFL!! :):)
CashWise came and got all the food put away for the month. I think I forgot to tell you that I made another video--on the Thank You cards I am working on?
And I know I forgot to mention that Chuck and Michal's bid was accepted on a house so they should know soon if it goes thru the bank, etc. Then they would be moving out like in June! Dagan and Leah will be on their own again over there. :)
It is so warm today! Even tho it only says it is 61 degrees--it feels warmer because I am getting very little wind. Sun is actually out and the skies are blue. Keeps up like this and it might turn green up here yet--hehe!

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