Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Was sooooo nice yesterday! (And I didn't miss it--hehe!) Miss Karma spent almost the entire day snoozing on the padded porch chair.
Supposed to be in the low 70's again today, but scattered rain. Right now it is clouded over here and cool (46)--but the sun keeps trying to peek out. I'm back on days again--tada! These are the absolutely perfect weather days to me--around 60-70 in the daytime and back down to around 40-50 at night. Ahhhhh!!!! :):)
I had a strange order arrive yesterday--hehe! Pressed paper coasters to use for crafts. I had seen a youtube video on making post it note holders with them and searched for them online. Got these from http://www.stamponthis.com/index.htm
The ones on the right are a little thicker. The really thin ones on the left--I thought there might be some way I could use them in making cards...or something?? :):)
Maybe my fellow crafters might understand? When you see something that intrigues you and you just know you will find a use (or two or three) for it--somehow, somewhere, for something, right? I'll be pondering on it--hehe! :):)
I've been working off and on with the Soul Coaching book and caught up on my Netflix DVDs (been watching Wire In The Blood--British psychological murder mystery series). Caroline comes today, but Leah won't make it. Her poor feet are already hurting and so she needs a break. I totally understand because I have plantar fasciitis, too. She got called in to work yesterday and spends a lot of her time at work standing--and she was out walking with Dagan and Chuck on such a beautiful spring day. Anyways, I am glad she is taking care of herself and listening to her body. We have to pay attention when it starts complaining, right? hehe! We'll see how Wednesday or Thursday will work. :)
Meanwhile--much windier today. Just may blow these clouds away--hehe! I am going to try and catch up on emails and go back and work on the Soul Coaching book (lots of spiritual contemplation--good for me!). :):)

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