Saturday, May 09, 2009


Was an overcast, dreary day yesterday and it looks like today will be more of the same. Nice, cool 40 degrees right now and looks like rain.
Caught Karma sleeping in the dark hallway last night.
We had our first wasp sneak under the screen. I saved Karma's "bug jar" from last year.
She will sit by it for hours and just watch the wasps or flies--doesn't move the jar much--just watches them.
My $250 stimulus check arrived in my bank yesterday. I made an order to OAS for a DVD and a book that I have wanted. I want to focus mainly on the four gentlemen to begin with. I have the first DVD on bamboo and orchid--now I ordered the other DVD on the plum blossom and chrysanthemum. And they had a small book about painting the four gentlemen. :)
I haven't painted for so long that I need to get over my fear of the brush all over again. I'll probably get out the flower & bird ink tracings and work on coloring some of those in again just to get used to handling a brush again. I am generally intimidated by the Chinese brush painting, I guess. Good to challenge yourself, right?
Besides that--want to get the parts to get my floor lamp working again. I found a lighting store in town (online) that carries my German-made lamp--so going to try there first and see if they can order the part and bulbs for me.
My stitches are finally gone! tada! Must have had some pulling in the very back because now it doesn't hurt to open my mouth wide! Ahhh!
I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday. Very strange, but intriguing movie. Probably the oddest love story you'll ever see--hehe!
Anyways, hope you're having a great weekend! :):)

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