Saturday, May 16, 2009


For the last couple of days the roses were listing--one by one. So I had been removing them and hanging them upside down to dry in the closet. I use clothespins and hangers. They're all in there now--resting in the dark--out of the sight of Miss golden eyes--hehe! (She cries and begs for them like she does the bubbles!)
I hope they retain their color. :)
As long as the roses had all sagged...
...I took apart the orange flowers and am drying them to use for paper. Leah and I had the same exact thought about their future--hehe! I sure hope they keep their color, too! :)
I didn't book press the latest sheets of paper and haven't ironed them yet. This is the entire stack we have so far, tho. :)
And these are the moulds! (The original is on the top right.) The Plaster of Paris we had left is all used up now--tada! We have a dozen snowflake moulds you'll see in paper progress later--hehe!
I guess it rained all day yesterday. No wonder I slept so well--chuckle! We had a frost advisory last night, but I haven't seen any frost on the cars here. Today is supposed to be sunny and 58 degrees--and the sunbeams are just beginning to crawl across the apartment wall. Karma is begging to go out on the porch--but she'll be surprised at how cold it is out there (33 degrees). No lying about this morning catching rays out there--chuckle! She'll just have to be satisfied with the carpet. :)
Maybe I'll get to the ironing board today? Well, tonight, I should say. I'll be sleeping all day again hopefully. Back is feeling a little better, too. Nice! I'll have to mention it to my rheumatologist when I see him next month. Anyways, have a good one!! :):)


Rebag said...

Lots of paper and fun it looks like! I am anxious to see what you do with these molds! I really like those

Serena Lewis said...

Good idea to dry the flowers for later use. The paper and moulds look great....I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with them too.

Rita said...

Is it Reba? Leah and I will be slowly working on paper for weeks and weeks, I would imagine--hehe! I will certainly take pictures when we get to using the snowflake moulds. I don't know exactly why we find making paper so much fun, but we do. :) I'm so glad you have been stopping by and making comments!! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
If the flowers dry nicely and keep their color I might trade them with an older dried bouquet of red roses I have in my bedroom that I got from the kids a couple years ago. And then I'd take the old ones apart and we'll keep those petals for paper making. Talk about recycling, eh? That is one of my favorite parts about making paper--recycling. :)

I am just glad to finally be using up a lot of what's left of this ream of red copy paper I've had sitting around for the last ten years--hehe! (Bought it for an office I was working in at the time for Christmas fliers.) Not cardstock--too thin--so we haven't been able to use it too much in card making. This is a great use for it! Happy me!! :):)