Thursday, May 21, 2009


Not another picture!
Actually she was washing her face--hehe!
A gorgeous day yesterday! Was actually getting HOT! Was about to put the AC on when there was a temperature drop and it clouded over. Must have been raining someplace close--could smell it. :) Yesterday was a working on the Soul Coaching journal and reading on the porch day. Believe it or not I was in bed by 7pm and just got up here at 3am. Well, that's closer to day hours, right? hehe!

Warm in here when I woke up. Looks like it had been raining after all--puddles in the parking lot. Not raining now so I opened the windows to get some of that cooler air in here. Don't you love the smell of the air after it's rained? It is like the rain has washed away all the dust and odors in the air. Clean. Just smells so clean. :):)

I remember lying in my "fort" and listening to the rain hit the roof just inches above my face. I had cleared off a section of the rafters in the front of the garage--nailed up cardboard walls to section my "fort" off from all the rest of the storage up there--boxes, luggage, Christmas decorations, etc. I painted colorful flowers on my cardboard walls (it was the 60s after all--hehe!), used boxes for small shelves and storage, brought up an old radio & small lamp (used up all Dad's extension cords to get electricity up there--hehe!), my sleeping bag & a pillow...ahhh! That was where I went to write--to read--to doodle--to think. Didn't matter that it was hotter than Hades up there in the summer--those were the days before most homes or cars had air conditioning so we just had to tolerate the heat (or go sleep on the cement floor in the basement)--there weren't any options. I loved to sleep up there on a night with rain--or thunderstorms!! Awesome! I couldn't even hear Sonny & Cher on the radio for the pounding above my head. Talk about The Beat Goes On! hehehe! :)

I did so love my fort. :):)

Funny--this little apartment is kind of like my glorified fort mansion these days, isn't it? This is where I write--read--doodle--think. But I have an air conditioner, way more stuff to play with, a lot more room--and to get here I don't have to make the precarious trip climbing over two by fours, swinging over that open gap above the cement floor of the garage--ROFL!!

Even on my really bad days--could it get any better than this? Everything is relative, right? :):)

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