Saturday, May 23, 2009


The sun came out for a while yesterday afternoon--along with the kids--hehe! Karma loves to listen to them. Since it didn't look like rain, I put Karma's TV tray back on the porch. This is her bird's eye spy position. Doesn't she have thick fur?
Made a couple of cards in the late afternoon.
Caught up on things I taped this last week--(Medium, 2 1/2 Men, PBS series on WWII, Mentalist)--doing stretching exercises for my back--playing with Karma--still catching up on the computer. :)
Sunny morning. Yesterday it got warmer than they thought. I saw 74 degrees at one time online. Today they're saying 67 and sunny. Karma's already on the porch even tho it is only 39 degrees right now--hehe! She's ready!!
Have a good Memorial Weekend!! :):)

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