Wednesday, May 27, 2009


That Karma! Always finding some new place to sleep. She's just a little too big to fit under that plastic stool--hehe!
I keep the stool out because I can't reach the things on the top of the bookcases. (Yup! Quite short!) That sturdy red box is what I have been using for the videos now. I put the red box on top of a TV tray and the little tripod on top of the box. Not very glamorous--but it works--hehe!
Let's see--what was I up to yesterday? I worked on the Soul Coaching book some more. I think I am up to lesson 14 or 15 now. I am working on a couple of letters. Still cloudy and dark and cool (41 degrees)--but they are guessing we might see the sun today--hehe!
I had just left the wet red handmade paper under the books all this time. They were still damp, so I placed sheets of newspaper between them. I'll check and see how they are doing today. So nice and flat, tho! I hadn't looked around online for pressing instructions because my back was too sore--but now that it is a little better I might do some peeking about today. Just a little bit, tho. :)
Later.... :):)

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