Friday, May 15, 2009


Not a lot to report since my back was bothering me yesterday--a quiet day. :)
My OAS order came in the afternoon! The chrysanthemum & plum DVD came with a bound instruction booklet just like the orchid & bamboo DVD did. The book on the four seasons is all in Chinese--no English--but you can tell a lot by the pictures. (10% off for Mother's Day special--might still be going on?)
Here's the two of the DVDs for the four gentlemen by Ning Yeh. :):)
The only plan I have at the moment--if my back gets to feeling a little better--is to do some ironing experiments on the red paper for our Christmas cards. Since we are making the paper a little thicker they don't flatten as well when book pressed. So--going to do some comparison ironing--hehe! Try just the iron (my steam doesn't work on my old iron), misting the paper first, and using the spray starch. Only way to find out which way we will like better, right? I don't know if you will be able to tell the difference--but I'll take some pictures when I get around to the ironing--chuckle! :):)

Sun is out already this morning--tada! They are saying rain though--so it might not last long. I've been up all night again. Oh well. It's a gorgeous morning--53 degrees--a little damp from all the rain. Karma's taking in the sun on the porch, of course. Hope it is a nice day wherever you are! :):)

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