Friday, January 22, 2010


Expecting a quiet day today. :)
I have another stack of cardstock to fold... we have lots of choices on hand for the scrap cards next week.
I told you I was pressing the cards I was working on. They were under my crayon and pencil tins... to the plastic file box Leah didn't like...
...for storing cards. I'm sure I can find a use for it. ;)
Anyways, here are the things I was pressing. The three sheets of red handmade paper I had lying around...
...and I was playing around with the stencils I had sprayed.

They need additional embellishments...

...but this was a fun start. A few would be okay as is, I guess.
You can't really see the shimmer very well in the photos--but I found I didn't need to spray so much--and we do need a box where we can spray from farther away to avoid all the dripping. (Altho--I do like the drips on some of them.)
My order from Mulberry Bear came already yesterday! I am such a sucker for cool paper. Leah and I both are! These are thicker (back) and thinner (front) mulberry papers that Leah and I would be hard pressed to duplicate.
I also bought some lace...

...and some pre-cut trees! (Forgot to show you these, Leah!)
I hope you like them. They're cut from textured mulberry paper and I could just imagine we could use them for Christmas cards somehow. :)
And then some fancy flower stamens.
I am waiting for my Blockheads order to arrive next. Ordered a few foiling supplies, etc.
Leah stopped by quickly after work. My smoke alarms are up and working again. Thanks so much, Leah!
Been on a good streak for a while, as you can tell. Enjoying every minute of it! In fact, right now--going to go fold some more cardstock...:) :)


akartisan said...

how about some of those colored brads in the corners of the cards for an accent? If you make a box for spraying, be sure to put some extra paper in the bottom and sides, then you can use that paper in collages and cards with the drips and spray on it as an accidental design.

Rita said...

True--can use the sprayed paper inside the box for extra fun paper for cards. Recycle! Recycle! :)

We have a lot of goodies we can use for embellishments--brads, dew drops, buttons, lace, ribbons, etc, etc....that's the fun part that we have never done a lot of. Didn't spend the money on the embellishments until lately. ;)

Serena Lewis said...

The cards are looking lovely, Rita! Karma is so cute in the first pic ~ :)

AliceKay said...

You have a lot of imagination and creativity. Very nice. :)

Intense Guy said...

You are getting Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy... Karmaaaaa... and when you wake up, you will rember nothing of my hyponotic suggestion that you put on a hula skirt and slowly do a couple dances around the floor while humming "tiny bubbles'....

Leah said...

This is when I realize how truly behind I am...I try to read your blog at work everyday, but when I'm not at work I tend to forget, and I had such a great relaxing weekend(was awesome!) I just forgot to check in. Anyway, you got a lot of cool stuff! Those trees perfect for Christmas cards, that's exactly what I thought as soon as I saw them, before I read what you wrote... ;)

Those flower stamens very cool, ornate, and detailed. Very cool stuff!

Also, Karma looks so cute and peaceful in that first picture... :)

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Thanks Serena,
You'd never know by the sweet picture that she can throw such hissy-fts!

I was experimenting with a liquid glue and wasn't happy with how they buckled afterwards. Oh well--live and learn, right? But I love the spray mists! :)

Rita said...

Thanks, AliceKay! It's lots of fun to experiment. :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Karma would have to be hypnotized to wear a hula skirt--hehe! She'd lay down in protest! Tiny bubbles! Reminds me that we haven't blown bubble for her in a long time...hummm? :)

Rita said...

Hi Leah,
I thought you would love those trees! I couldn't resist them. They're larger than the ones we were trying to cut out--but I love the rough, textured paper and I hoped you would love them, too. :)

When we color up the white flowers or use some of the paper flowers we already have, I thought some pretty stamens would be nice. ;)