Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have been working on folding cardstock with the new ScorPal. Soooo much easier! And faster!
I have a ton of colored cardstock in a drawer that I'd like to use for the "scrap" cards. We bought it in reams and had them cut in half at Office Max maybe 5-6 years ago.
Been using it here and there as we have needed it. But with the big scrap card project looming and the new ScorPal to play with, thought it was time to get folding. I'm putting the folded card stock into the box. And I have a lot more to fold! :)
I also have been making up some cards with my experimental mister and stencil spraying. They are being pressed under something heavy right now, so I'll show them to you tomorrow.
Meanwhile... Karma and I...
...were relaxing...
...and taking a break...
...Leah told me that the prize money already arrived! So, instead of doing crafts last night, Dagan and Leah wanted to take me over to Best Buy to try out typing on lap tops! How exciting!
I have been looking online at reviews the past couple of days. The MacBookPro has really good reviews. Dagan and Leah said that the friends they have who own Macs do not have all the troubles that the PCs have and they have lasted for years without problems--so I wanted to see about size and the keyboard and what the alien OSX looks like?
I'd have a whole new computer system to learn with a Mac. BUT--now they do come set up to be Windows compatible! So, I'd buy the Windows software and Dagan could install that for me. Then I could go back and forth and slowly learn how to navigate on the Apple system. And if I never could figure it out--I'd have Windows, so I'd be fine regardless. But--in the reviews--people said that even if it took weeks to figure it out and it could be frustrating for first time Apple owners, that once they learned the OSX system they preferred it to Windows. So--I am thinking of trying a Mac!
The next question is whether I dare to buy a refurbished one--they have the same guarantee on them--where I can get more for my money? Or stick with a new one? I plan to look more online to see if I can find more reviews on refurbished MacBooks. The ones I already found said they worked just fine and no problems with them?
I don't want to rush into a purchase, of course. This is my one chance to get a really good laptop that I will feel comfortable typing on so I can try to do some writing-writing again. ;)
Thanks to Barbara!
I've also been spending computer time cleaning up my favorites folders. Getting rid of all the hundreds of them I haven't used for ages--some of them for so long the links don't work anymore. Kind of getting ready for the change. :)
Anyways, we went over to Best Buy. I actually liked the keyboard with the spacing between the keys that Macs and several of the PCs have now. The keys kind of stick up a little bit, too--or they seem like they do with the spacing. Much easier for me to type on than the ones where the keys are right next to each other. So--that was a plus! We looked at the icons a little bit on the MacBooks--yup--take some getting used to. And I found that I think I'd be okay with the smaller 13 inch screen--less expensive and lighter to carry, too. But...the 15 inch screen is sure nice...???
Generally, I am hearing that people don't think there is much use to buy the additional warranty. But if I do want it, I have up to a year to buy it. The first year is covered. So, I can wait on that and think about it--and see how the laptop is running in the first place, right? Apple's (I saw online) had 3 years--where Best Buy's had only 2 years--for the same amount of money--about $350.00. Have to think on it.
After Best Buy we went over to Dagan and Leah's. They hadn't eaten, Leah had bought milk for me, and they had all their beef to put away in the freezers. They buy a part of a cow and had picked up the meat after work.
They were both tired.
So Leah dropped me off at home and she will stop by tonight after work. She'll bring over the rest of the milk and help me put the smoke alarms back up.
I don't think I mentioned that my smoke alarms started beeping at midnight a few nights ago. I can hardly reach the ceiling with my stool--I pulled the batteries out--but they still kept beeping! Both of them! So I had to unscrew them and disconnect them from the ceiling. And they still kept beeping for a while!! Was really spooky! No batteries and unplugged--and they still beeped!? Finally cried themselves off in this strange whiny retreat.
Totally freaked out Miss Karma--who hates alarms.
Then last night I suddenly remembered that I had deducted in my checking account for signing up for Women For Women (kind of a New Year's resolution--giving back something to the world)--but had forgotten to actually do it. I went to double check my account online and discovered four alien charges on my debit card! Small ones from four different places I didn't recognize!
So I called the 24/7 number for Wells Fargo and they said they'd reimburse me and told me to watch the account. Suggested I have two debit cards--one just for online purchases. Great idea! Transferred me to someone else.
Long story short. I cancelled my current card and they are issuing me a new debit card. And then in February I will open a second card just for Internet purchases. When I want to make a purchase--I just go online and move only that amount from my regular account into the Internet card. Awesome! But you have to have $100 to open the second Internet card--so I'll wait till February. He said I can transfer it right back into my regular account, but they need to have the cash to open debit card accounts.
I am very, very happy! Feel safer! And I can do my Women To Women after I get the new cards.
Since I discovered this after midnight--I was up late. Didn't sleep well. And up early. So I am pretty well blah today. But happy. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

The ScorPal sure looks like a convenient tool.

Re. laptops - I've been told they can't be upgraded so my advice would be to go for a new one as they date so quickly. Oh, and while the 13" screen may be do-able...the 15" would definitely be easier on the eyes over a period of time. I've heard extended warranties aren't worth the paper they're written on as the warranty is actually covered by the place of purchase, not the manufacturer, and they can take a while with repairs (all depends on the retailer, I guess). If Apple are offering an extended warranty direct, I'd probably consider that over the Best Buy warranty. Things to think about anyways.

I had that happen with a smoke alarm once....where it beeped after I had removed the battery which was its only power source. Freaked me out at the time.

I think you were meant to have those thoughts so you would get up and check your bank account. Thankfully, you caught it early enough before too much damage was done. I opened a separate card account for online purchases because I felt it safer. I also heard that Paypal will freeze whole bank accounts while dispute matters are being sorted.

I hate days where I've had no sleep the night is definitely a blah feeling. Get some rest and have a good night's sleep tonight.

Leah said...

About the second card, it sounds like a good idea, but I just have one question. What does happen if someone charges on there without your knowledge, will Wells Fargo/your bank slam you with overdraft charges every day? Will they credit all of those back to you too then?

The Smoke alarms might have a small button battery in them or what's more likely is that they simply have capacitors, they are used in most electronics, a form of battery, you would never notice them as they are soldered right onto the smoke detectors circuit board. No worries, it's perfectly normal... ;)

Thank you kindly,

AliceKay said...

The ScorPal looks like a neat little gadget. I'm sure you'll keep it very busy. :)

Good idea on the second debit card. There are a lot of people out there on the net who like to cause problems for unsuspecting victims.

Smoke alarms used to freak my cats out, too.

Good luck with your search for the laptop. I hope you find one that works well for you.

akartisan said...

I've used both a pc and a mac and have been happy with both. The macs are more expensive but are more resistant to viruses and such. They are more intuitive and user friendly and can do all kinds of neat things, so I imagine you'll be happy with either. I haven't used the brand new pc's yet, but took a class about the new macs.

I do the same thing with the cardstock - buy a bunch and get it cut at one shot at the printers.

Rita said...

Serena--yes--the ScorPal is so much easier than using a stylus in my cutter or folding them by hand with a bonefolder. Really slick contraption! :)

I have been researching online for days. I think you're right about getting a new one. The refurbished ones are just fine and guaranteed if you get them thru Apple--but you aren't sure which model you are getting. Like if it was last years or what, you know? And I read the recent model is cooler and doesn't get as hot to the touch. Plus I want the new versions that you can put Windows on. So--I am going with a new one--tada! And I have a year to buy the additonal warranty and I would definitely get it right from Apple. I want to order the laptop directly from Apple, too. Big decisions, eh? Exciting!

I think it is really creepy that they can beep and complain with no source of power--but Leah assures me there's a little left in them and it's normal. She knows all about circuit boards and such. but it seems really creepy to me, nonetheless! ;)

I've had a few nights of less sleep and restless sleep. Starts to wear on you-yes! :(

Rita said...

Leah--the guy told me that the Internet card is labeled as such (I didn't know you could label your debit cards if you have more than one) and they usually catch online purchases that try to go thru when there is no funds on the card. If you think of anything you want to ask him--he'll be calling at 7pm on the 3rd when we have crafts.

I know you say it is "normal"--but it still freaks me out--ROFL!! :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--I am really intrigued by the new mousepad thingy on the MacBook where you use your fingers in all these ways to turn pictures and scroll and right click and zoom! I just hope this old dog can learn all these new tricks--hehe!

I had kind of heard about people having separte cards for online purchases but had never checked into it. I am really glad I am doing that now, tho--since I do a lot of online shopping. A lot safer, I think. :)

Rita said...

I really feel it is less scary to switch to a Mac if I can also have Windows on it. But--I might just try it as is at first and see if I can get used to it. I still have my PC desk computer and a cheaper PC laptop for fallback--hehe! Maybe it is silly to put Windows on it unless I just can't learn how to use the OSX, right? And I think I will get the hang of it eventually. I hope!! ;)

It is nifty how you can bring cardstock in and have them cut it at Office Max or Office Depot--one of those places--for like a dollar or two. Really worth it for all the time and effort it saves! :)

Serena Lewis said...

My son, Beau, had a problem with his laptop overheating and shutting itself off. He bought a little stand for laptops which raises them off the surface about an 1" or so and it allows the air to circulate and help stop them from overheating. He's had no probs with overheating since.

Rita said...

Serena--I've seen those! They have all kinds of laptop holders I saw when I was looking for laptop tables. I decided to look for a recliner first and try to find one that is off the ground with legs--and then find a table for the chair. If the table can roll under the chair there are just tons of them to choose from. When the chair sits down on the floor--hardly anything to pick from at all. So--I am going to have to peek around town and save, I guess. ;)