Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday the parking lot was semi-slushy.
I set up my backup Gateway laptop on my reader's table--since I can't use the desk computer (virus?). The reader's table works just fine in bed, but not so well in a lounger because I can't get it close enough and have to lean forward anyways. But it gives me a taste of what is to come--hehe!
The always curious Karma had to check it out, of course.
She wasn't happy with it being in her way when she decides it is time for a cuddle over my shoulder. But she'll have to get used to the new arrangement, right? :)I'll have a similar table for the MacBook--eventually. In fact--searched for reviews on the first table I liked online and finally found some--not good. Searched for reviews on my second choice table and they were all good. Don't you just love the Internet!? :)
Meanwhile--woke up this afternoon to a raging blizzard!! Wind gusts up to 45-50 mph.
May not look like much from my parking lot but schools, businesses, roads, and stores are closed or closing. We have all that ice under the snow, too. So--needless to say--Dagan and Leah aren't gong to go over to pick up the laptop tonight. I hope they let them out of work early so they can just make their way slowly home--safe and sound. We'll wait and see what the weather holds. So it may be another day or two. I'm not even sure Caroline will be able to make it or navigate the parking lot tomorrow.
The snow is fine and the wind is hitting my side of the building--so we have snow covering everything on the porch this time. Karma was begging to go out...
...until I opened the door--hehe!
Curiosity got the better of her, tho, and she just had to got out...shaking her feet as she went.

She ate a little snow...
...quickly wanted in--still licking her chops.
So thrilled that there were footprints to eat that she couldn't wait for me to shut the door!
I had to push her out of the way to close the door--hehe!
Oh, the little joys in life, eh? The blizzard made Karma's day...if no one else's.
It is now 4pm and I haven't even started fixing all the spelling mistakes! Usually only takes me about an hour. This is why I need a decent laptop. I have been able to work nonstop from my chair but it has taken me this long to upload pictures and write the blog! Lots of troubles with connection to the Internet and the laptop is slow--and now I have a ton of mishmashed words to fix. But--since I'm sitting here in a blizzard, I thought I'd take the time to write today after all. Tomorrow--who knows? hehe!
Anyways, that's about it from snowbound in Fargo. :):)


AliceKay said...

Wow..another blizzard. We received over 2 inches of rain last night and this morning and lots of our area has been flooded. (pics will be in my blog when i get to it)

Karma is so fun to watch via your pics. She is quite the comical cat. :)

akartisan said...

she might be getting minerals from the snow. People that eat ice supposedly do it because they get minerals that way. My cat sits on the back of my chair and leans over my shoulder while I'm typing on the computer. She'll probably figure out something once you have it set up.

Serena Lewis said...

I had to giggle when you said you had to push Karma out of the way to chose the door because she was so focused on eating the footprint snow. lol

I hope everyone stays safe in those blizzards. You would certainly appreciate being indoors when you look out the window.

Rita said...

Yup! Another blizzard! The thick layer of ice underneath it all made it the worst for driving! And now you have flooding!? I haven't been able to get to blog reading for days. I'll have to catch up--you might have photos by now.

Like having my own Garfield in the house--hehe!

Rita said...

Sue--minerals--never thought of that. Could be!

Karma has mostly decided to curl up between my legs on the foot of the recliner so far. That works fine. She misses me petting and scratching her every once in a while while she is parked there--now the table is between us--hehe! So I reach under and give her a scratch when I remember. Which hasn't been too often--this old lady has to concentrate on what she is doing on the new Mac--hehe!

Rita said...

Serena--Karma is so stubborn, too! She was pushing against me--trying to fight to stay and eat the snow! But it was way too cold to have the door open--hehe!

Seems like it has been a long winter already because it got so awful cold so early. It already feels like we should be midway--and it isn't even February yet! hehe! And you are struggling with the heat and humidity! We humans are just never happy, eh?

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

I love the tiny little Karma footprints in the snow. She's a hoot, that kitty cat! :) Tell her hi from me!

Rita said...

Hi Jennifer!
Karma says hi!! She sure likes to eat her own snow footprints on the carpeting--hehe! Silly girl! :)