Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OMGoodness! So exciting!
Dagan and Leah picked up the MacBook last night...
...and since I want to use it for writing...
...I could get the iWork program for half price with the purchase of the MacBook. I said yes. It's like the MS Office program, I guess.
Leah used the ScorPal on our huge stack of cardstock...

...while Dagan concentrated intently on fixing the desk computer...
...while setting up the new MacBook. :)
I love these chicklet keys that are spaced apart!! Much easier for me to type on.

This is my old slanted reader's table that I have been using with...
...the cheaper Gateway laptop that is so slow.
Dagan fixed the problems with the viruses. The Gateway laptop just wanted a renewal--but the desk computer--well--those warning boxes about a virus actually was the virus. Good thing I didn't do anything it asked me to do to get rid of it. Was hard enough to get rid of it because it blocked routes or something. But Dagan figured it out. My techie hero! ;)
So--the backup Gateway is tucked away in the closet. I am on the desk computer because I have no clue how to use the photos/camera with the Mac yet--or much of anything, for that matter--hehe! I have a long way to go before I am comfortable with how it works, that's for sure. But--so far--I really like it! :)
The new mouse (with a wire) we had gotten from Best Buy a while ago for the desk computer has been quitting on me off and on since I got it. So Leah took it with her last night and is going to return that one tonight after work, plus use the Best Buy points I got, and get me a MacMouse! What the heck! I decided to go for it. It is all alien to me anyways, right?
It does feel almost like when I got my first computer. Altho--I do know what "scroll" means now--ROFL!
We won't get any crafting done tonight, I doubt. Which is fine with me. :) Leah didn't get a chance to play with the Mac at all last she can't stay long, has a few errands to run after work, and is tired. Needs to rest up. They are driving down to Minneapolis for Dagan's pacemaker checkup on Friday.
Me--you can bet I will spend a little time trying to learn how to navigate on the MacBook. :) I have over 50 emails to respond to. It's a sunny cold day--5 degrees. I'm way too tired to wash clothes--maybe tomorrow. Just feeling pretty darn happy today--but I'm really tired, too. :):)


akartisan said...

you will be so happy with it - just give yourself some time to get adjusted to it. Is there a mac store where you can take classes for it? I think there are also free tutorials on the internet.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Wow, Rita! That new computer looks like a lot of fun! I bet you'll catch on fast, and you'll probably love it even more than your PC.

AliceKay said...

Good luck with your new MacBook. Looks like a nice laptop.

Rita said...

Sue--The closest Apple stores are 250-300 miles away down in the Twin Cities. But--the Internet is full of information and YouTube is filled with videos, so I will search for helpful information. Have already found some. :)

Am already happy with it! Ya! :)

Rita said...

Hi Jennifer!
Well--me (Miss-Can't-use-a-computer-without-a-mouse)--I spent the day using the touch pad and never once wanted to throw it over the balcony!! I am actually quite surprised at how fast I am catching on! Leah played with it tonight for a couple of hours and loved it, too. Now Dagan and Leah really want new MacLaps--hehe! :)

So nice to hear from you, jet-setter-girl! :)

Rita said...

I am plesantly surprised, actually. I thought the switch to OSX from Windows would be a hair-pulling experience--but it has gone quite smoothly so far. (Knock on wood.) I think I am going to love it. Now I have to save up for a chair and a laptop table--then I'll be all set for more "good" computer hours---ahhh! :)

Leah said...

Oh, Rita, I need to get the UPC's from your new MacBook Pro and from the iWork for the rebate, you can either cut them out or take copies of them with your copier for me to sent in. Whichever you prefer, or you can make a note to remind me to do that when I'm over next, but it's not difficult, just take a copy of all of the bar codes on the bottoms of both boxes, so that we can send in the rebate. :)

Thank you kindly,

Intense Guy said...


I just have to smile when I see how excited and how much fun you are having.


Deanna said...

That is so nice. Enjoy your new toy!

Rita said...

Hi Leah,
I stuck the boxes on the scanner and printed them off. You can see if I did it right next time you come over. :) :)

Rita said...

Iggy! I am having such a great time and such an easier time than I expected! Gives me great joy! Maybe some of that happiness juice is spilled out over the cyberwaves to you all the way out East? hehehe! :)

Rita said...

Hi Deanna!
Thanks! I am just delighted! First laptop that has been user friendly for me! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's one snazzy looking laptop!

Rita said...

Oh Serena! I think I have fallen in love! At least so far, just dealing with email and the Internet--hehe! ;)