Monday, January 11, 2010


We're havin' a heat wave...
...a tropical heat wave!
Can you tell we are hitting the teens and 20s during the day and the floor is warmer--ROFL!
Took my trusty hammer and a big nail and made a spot for the new tear bar...
...way in the corner.
Karma hung around and kept me company as I caulked. :)
Leah is coming over tonight to put cards together. And...(drum roll)...I have enough parts to make up the two dozen birthday cards--tada! :) They'll be in the mail shortly, Iggy!
Not done with all the extra ones, tho. So, I'll still be caulking for a little while. I got to the end of the jar and decided to clean up everything before I refill the jar. Plus--had to find the caulking gun--hehe! One problem when you reorganize--sometimes you can't remember offhand which perfect spot you chose--duh! ROFL!!
BTW--it absolutely blew my mind how long that caulking remained soft and usable in that jar! It had been in there since we last worked on those birthday cards--which was two years ago! Isn't that amazing!??
I hope to be done with the rest of the caulking by Wednesday. Then--(if I haven't finished them already)--Leah and I can finish the extras up so that we can start or decide on a new project. Always exciting! Maybe the "scrap" cards, next? :)
OMGosh! I just heard on the news that it might get up to 30 degrees tomorrow! Snow will melt! It will feel like spring! Awesome!! Maybe it will be really decent out on Wednesday when I have to go to Federal Housing? Yes--they're predicting mid-20s on Wednesday--hurray!! Aren't I just the luckiest person! :)
On that note...have a wonderful day! A wonderful week! :):)


Intense Guy said...

:) Wooooohooooooooooo! You are on a tear with those caulked cards!

And the heatwave?!?!!! Goodness Karma will need a shave and bikini!

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Iggy.

Looks like the perfect place for the tear bar.

I don't think snow melts at 30 degrees but it sure is a lot warmer than 32 below zero.

I hope your day was a good one.

Rita said...

We finsihed them!! tada! Leah will be contacting you and they will be on the way soon! :):)

Karma may look good in a bikini, but the shave....not so sure--hehehe!

Rita said...

When it gets close to 30 the snow does heat up in the sun and the roads get wet because of all the exhaust and such. But only for a few hours--and then the temp drops again--ROFL!! I am losing snow on the porch because we've been in the 20s. Or should I say Karma is losing snow on the porch--hehe! ;)

It was a very good day!!!