Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I asked Leah if I could take a couple other pictures off her camera of their deck, too. It looks like snow sculpture!
Isn't the wind amazing? Blowing what looks like a snow wave and yet leaving the snow piled high and untouched on the chairs?
Another something I found amusing. I purposefully bought a couple sets of white kitchen towels so I could beach them. Just tired of the stains that accumulate, right. I went to cut off the tags (which annoy the heck out of me) and lo and said "do not bleach". What? Made me laugh.
I will bleach them. Sorry.
Leah has been ordering from this Etsy shop. The lady even makes deodorant that Leah loves. So I wanted to try a few things.
My hands and legs get so dry in the winter...and the usual lotions only work temporarily, it seems. Thought I'd give her all naturals a go.
Yesterday I worked on all the paperwork and copies for my meeting this afternoon. I always think I have forgotten something, but I think I'm okay. Going to finally get some gas for PitaPaseo as long as I am out and it is supposed to get up to--brace yourself--27 degrees! ;)
Leah will be coming over after work for our regular Craft Night. But the first thing we are doing is using her big cart and moving the fish tank and cabinet out of here--tada! Garage here we come. I just don't want to deal with it till spring. Then I want to find everything here that I want to give away in FreeCycle (like the old Zip-e-Mate) and post them all at once and have them all in the garage when it is nicer out. That's my plan, anyways--hehe! Unless the fish tank gets in my way in the garage--ROFL!
Well--busy day--got to get moving. :)
Karma says hi.


AliceKay said...

Hi right back to Karma.

Those pics of the "snow waves" are really cool. It's amazing what nature can show us each day...some good, some not so good.

My skin gets pretty dry in the winter, too. I liked the name of that one product...Angel Food Cake Body Butter. Sounds like something you would eat. :)

I hope your meeting today went well.

Serena Lewis said...

Nature sure is amazing....I love the snow wave!

Maybe the bleach will deteriorate the cotton more quickly but, I'm with you, I'd be bleaching.

When we were in Wyoming, I couldn't believe how much body and hand moisturisers I had to apply throughout the day as my skin was so dry (and I've always had an oily complexion). It was due to the dry, we have a lot of humidity so our skin doesn't 'dry out' as quickly. lol The rose products are beautifully presented.

Good luck with all your plans for the day ~ :)

Rebag said...

Hi Rita...I love the snow sculptures LOL..seen enough of that stuff for sure!

If you dont mind would you please forward the etsy store of the natural products,...Id like to give some a try as well,...when you have time!!

Sounds like a busy time at your place so stay in and stay warm....

Intense Guy said...

Hi Karma!!!

Nooooooooo!!! no no no no snoooooooowwwwwww!

Rita said...

AliceKay--That body butter smells good enough to eat, too! hehe! the meeting did go well. :)

Serena--I think they just put the same tag on all the various colored towels, including the solid white ones--hehe! It does get so dry as soon as the heat comes on in the winter--even tho I run a humidifier! Not sure anything will help except temporarily--like you said, just keep applying it over and over. :)

Reba--here's the link. :)

Iggy--Karma's out like a light on her chair, but I'll tell her you say hi. (ROFL!!) She'll be sad if all her snow melts away. Too bad, I say. More will arrive. It's a long winter. ;)