Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I made it shopping with Leah--for about three hours! (Hence--too sore to do much yesterday and didn't even blog.) Leah went to Tochi's by herself after work (my request) and then came to pick me up. First we went to PetSmart...
...for feline and fish food.
Karma played with the can of fish food until I took it away. Then she rubbed and cried and pawed all over her bags, of course--until I finally opened a couple and filled a couple of her little treat jars. Big excitement for Miss K. ;)
Funny thing is--the big bag is the food that will go in her actual food dish. All three of the smaller bags are her "treats"--and we will be out of those first! She only occasionally eats out of her actual food bowl anymore. I have created a monster--a treat monster--hehe!
Anyways, after Leah and I finished at PetSmart we went to Target for the big trip. Granted, the majority of the things I had to pick up were necessities--I mean a person does need toilet paper, toothpaste, and the like, right? But I did buy a few non-essentials--some clip barrettes, hair pins, and a new won't-squeeze-your-head (?) headband--oh, and some lip balms. Actually the lip balms up here in this cold might be considered essential, come to think of it--ROFL!
Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, too! Okay--I have been finding socks falling out of various pieces of clothing since I have only been using the dryer balls--and I do shake the clothes out. So funny! Last time I washed clothes I shook out pieces by the dryer, as usual, brought them into the bedroom, hung them, folded, and put away, went back to move the next load from the washer into the dryer--when I spied a footie sock had latched onto the top of the one I had on my foot the whole time. Cracks me up! But it is annoying, too. So--I wanted to try the "anti-static" dryer balls. I'll see if that helps. (Really want to not buy dryer sheets anymore--another thing good for my environmental footprint.)
So, we wander about BB&B for some time and pick up a few more things with our wonderful 20% off coupons. Leah and I just have the best time! We even make clerks laugh--hehe! And after we finished there Leah asked me what I would like to eat--her treat! I could have gone to Olive Garden or wherever I wanted--but was so sore by that time that I asked for Burger King to go. :)
Now--we used to go to Burger King when I lived in Moorhead. In fact Burger King and Subway were our favorite places to stop on our way home after Dagan and Leah used to bring me grocery shopping. [When they started helping me carry after I tore my rotor cuff on my "good" arm. My own dumb fault--overdoing things, of course--carrying multiple bags with my one good arm & walking about a mile home from the grocery store--duh! Never let it be said I am not a stubborn Swede!] We've gone to Subway but I haven't had Burger King since I moved to Fargo five years ago next month. So--we picked up combos at the drive thru and went home. Got my big wheeled wire cart from the garage and stuffed it full. (I love that thing!) Hauled up the bounty and went to eat our Burger King meals.
I laughed when I saw the size of the Bacon Double Cheeseburger five years later! The combo costs a dollar more and the burger is about maybe 2/3 the size it used to be! It looked like a little bigger version of what used to be the kids' size! Kind of like inbetween the old regular size and the kids' size. Everybody is cutting corners everywhere, I guess. And if they did it gradually over the last five years, people wouldn't notice, I suppose? Or maybe it was a reaction to the Super Size Me documentary? Well--made me feel less guilty eating my fatty burger and fries--ROFL! The fries are still soooo good! Less of those, too, BTW--hehe! I just thought it was interesting. :)
Anyways, I was limping about and sore--so I took it easy yesterday. Just ordered groceries and had them delivered in the afternoon. Put everything away from the huge shopping haul. (Karma, the fish, and I thank you for the Christmas money--you know who you are--hehe!) I am stockpiled on quite a few essentials and there's food in the house. Feels good! Very, very good! :)
We had a dusting of snow last night. Doesn't look like more than an inch. The cars are all blanketed white and glimmering in the garage lights. And it is 9 degrees! We are above zero--tada! Wasn't that bad last night shopping, either--somewhere around zero, I think? Wasn't very cold because there wasn't much wind. Leah and I actually commented on how nice it was out. :)
Tonight is Craft Night!! We start playing with caulking. Messy fun! That is why I was very good yesterday--so I will be all set and ready to go tonight. Slept well--at night--tada!
Life is good!! Very, very good!! :):)


Deanna said...

Hi Rita. Thank you for stopping by and sniffing at my bowl of chicken noodle soup.

I see in your profile that you are a survivor. I too am a survivor! Yea us!!!!

That shopping trip sounded like fun. It has been years since I've stepped foot into a Burger King.

Intense Guy said...

Oh Karma... you are playing with pre-fish poop...


Burger King does it my way once everyother blue moon - I rarely eat there and never eat at McDees. Its a treat when I do though, I'm not sure just how they get it to taste so good.

I hope you are feeling better - I'm that awful cold weather doesn't help a whole lot.

Rita said...

Well hello, Deanna!
The soup did look absolutely delicious!!

So--you have lots of aches and pains, too? A fellow survivor! I am one in many ways on different levels--hehe! There are more of us than we care to think, I bet. :):)

Rita said...

Iggy! Iggy!
You made my day by making laugh out loud---"pre"-fish poop!!! You are so accurate, too! ROFL!!

I am definitely feeling better every day. Thanks so much!! :)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now. The shopping trip would have tired anyone out, so I'm glad you took it easy yesterday.

I go to Burger King once in awhile if I'm running errands up that way after work. Subway is a regular stop for me almost every Friday after grocery shopping. Haven't gone the past few Fridays and won't be going this week either. Karen and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon because a snow storm is predicted for Friday and we don't want to take Ryan out in the snow.

Zero was "nice"? LOL

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay,
We are having a snowstorm right now (Weds night). Leah couldn't make it over for crafts--really awful out there. Yup! I'd go grocery shopping before the snow hits if I were you guys. ;)

Yes--zero with no real wind can be really nice after 20-32 below temps--hehe! Everything is relative, right? :):)

AliceKay said...


Serena Lewis said...

I get a little annoyed when food manufacturers change the look of their packaging to disguise the fact that you are actually getting less contents than before at a higher price. I used to love Arnott's Royales (cookies) which is a marshmallow on a soft cookie base covered with chocolate. I refuse to buy them any more because each biscuit/cookie is two-thirds the size they used to be and they are one-third more in price. We've noticed the same with Dominos pizza over the years.....the large size is so small to what it used to be. How dumb do they think we are?

Rita said...

Serena--I know! I guess they have to save money somehow, too. But when they kind of pretend nothing has changed--that is a bit annoying. It's gotten so most companies seem to be following suit. Consumers just have to pay more attention, I guess. :(