Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday we had fog all day...
...and the snow continued to melt away on the porch.
It was a bit colder, so Karma stayed in more.
This morning we were covered with this sticky snow!
It's not ice--just sticky snow. Can barely see out of the screens on the porch...
...or the screens on the bottom of the living room windows. Kind of closed in--like an igloo--ROFL! Really--more closed in than with the fog yesterday. But it should all get knocked off shortly by the wind, if nothing else. ;)
I was craft lazy yesterday. Did a lot of catching up online--an endless task--chuckle! But I did make a small order from the company where we bought the white/cream paper flowers on eBay. They gave a 10% off discount coupon with our eBay order for being a new customer on their regular online shop: www.mulberrybear.com Really reasonable prices in the first place. AND--not even two hours after I placed the order I got an email saying the order was in the mail already!! Amazing! Fastest response EVER! AND she said it had cost less to ship so she was reimbursing me $1.50 for shipping! I like them already. I'll show you the goodies when they arrive, of course.
From the Fargo igloo--have a great day! :):)


Intense Guy said...

The Fargo Igloo huh - I can almost picture the ice fisher-people trying to catch some food for Miss Karma - who is obviously intently supervising them.

I bet since they mostly catch bluegills and yellow perch when ice fishing (not that I've ever done it) she's telling them to throw the bluegills back.

Maybe you will see some seals?

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Miss Karma does like her fish--hehe! Especially salmon. You don't catch those ice fishing, tho. :)

I don't know what it was about the snow-coated that was driving her crazy today? I'll show some pictures tomorrow--hehe! Hope you had a good day, my friend? :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I like that pic of the tree in front of the car....nice branch formation.

I think I would feel a little claustrophobic with your normal view being blocked like that.

That site sure gives good service by the looks of things...will look forward to seeing pics of your goodies, Rita. :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
I'm sure snow and ice covering branches isn't probably the best for them, but I think they are beautiful like that!

Thank goodness the wind had knocked most all the snow off the trees and screens by evening. Made it feel like dusk all day--hehe! :)