Thursday, January 07, 2010


More snow.
My Impress order arrived!
Now we have two sets of tweezers so that Leah and I can work with embellishments at the same time--tada! Some more clear dew drops, a couple Liquid Pearls, a Stickles, and some pretty paper Leah would never use--hehe! (She doesn't like pink.)
We're already bouncing ideas on the three new stamps. The middle one will end up on a Christmas card one day, for sure! :)
The wind picked up yesterday. I tried to catch the snow almost spraying off the garage roofs.
Storm watch. Horrible conditions. Leah couldn't come over for crafts and just made it straight home. I started on caulking the birthday cards for Iggy. ;) I guess I got these out of order. Anyways, not all of them turn out. You don't know until you peel them apart.
You'd think the big stencil with the presents would be the more difficult one, but it is the smaller "happy birthday" one that is more likely to be missing part of a letter or something.
Have my pail, toothbrush for scrubbing, wet rag, towels, spatulas, jar of white caulking, and the oven liner under it all so no caulking sticks and I can clean as I go.
I just set my timer for an hour and sink into the process. I know it might sound about as relaxing as grouting tile, but it is a meditative process to me. (Of course, grouting tile is meditative to me, too--ROFL!) Leah already pre-cut the papers the same size as the stencils. I just put one red piece of cardstock under each stencil and then get to kind of fingerpaint the caulking onto the stencils. Then you peel them apart to see what you ended up with (the exciting part). Clean everything up and start again. Now you know what I will be up to for a few days. ;) I can do a few sessions a day. Since Leah couldn't make it last night, she said she could come Monday and Wednesday next week, too.
The wind brushed, pushed, whistled, and occasionally howled against the building all night.
This morning all the garage roofs are almost bare of several inches of snow. Naked footprints of the wind?
When it is this windy it becomes hard to tell if it is still snowing or if it is just the wind redecorating the landscape. The vents are streaming horizontally from the factory roofs across the field. High of minus 4 today and wind chills of minus 35 degrees. I feel sorry for all the people who have to be out in this today.
Karma is sleeping in the sun.
Me--I'm lucky. I'll be caulking. Safe and warm! :):)


Intense Guy said...

:) I recognize those special happy birthday cards! They will be well-received by special friends. :)

Your work area looks so warm and inviting compared to the wind and drifting snow outside! Yoikes! You can feel the chill just looking at the snow swirling.

I really like that big bare branched tree (this is a stamp?)

If you ever come out east, I know of some tile that needs grouting, I'll save it for your meditative purposes.

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Hehe! You really feel warm sitting next to the window on days like today--yup! :)

Yes--those three are rubber stamps. We are thinking of ways we can use them for the fronts of cards. I was picturing the bare branched tree against a colorful background...of maybe a deep blue night sky or sunrise/sunset colors...just really liked it. Was one of those "gotta have it" stamps. Did you have any ideas come to mind? :)

Leah said...

Yes, I agree, I really like the big bare/naked tree stamp too! Yes, we do already have several ideas... ;) You'll see them sometime this summer maybe on Etsy, we have such a long list to do, but we do plan on playing with those so you'll likely see them on Etsy... ;)

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Leah--so many fun things to look forward to! Gets hard to pick--hehe! ;)

AliceKay said...

It looks so cold and bitter out there. I thought we had it bad...then I read about your temps and see your wind-blown snow pics. Wow.

Those birthday cards look neat. Nice job.

Rita said...

AliceKay--Man! It keeps getting colder and colder, it seems. Brrrr! They're talking 40-50 below wind chills tonight! Good grief!

Thanks on the cards. I get to play like a grade-schooler--hehe! :)