Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day--8:30am

Happy New Year!!
If the last couple days are any indication, this should be a magical year! Here's the Angelic Messenger Cards that we used New Year's Eve.
I can tell you a little bit about my card. I was asking for guidance about the "writing-writing" and I got this card--Expression!
The first thing is says is my present challenge is "unleashing spiritual energy and overcoming limitations"! It talked about how "your spirit, as part of [the] grand divine plan, isn't bound by your physical body's boundaries". My spiritual opportunity is "to be aware that your inner voice can trumpet out into your life and into the world, sharing feelings that grow from an unlimited spiritual reality: truth, love, joy, kindness, compassion, and service." Also mentioned--(ahem)--that the divine presence doesn't accept problems as the excuse for denying that love. And that I should use the gifts of insight and perception in order to "see" and "feel" God at work in my life.

Wow! I still don't know what to write about--but I guess, whatever it will be, I should make sure I really feel GA sitting over my shoulder. (My favorite way to write.)

In relation to my finding a way to be able to "write-write" again--sounds like there will be a way!! :):)

Then the card said in order to apply this I need to work on my physical body--on healing my aura. To meditate and work on understanding the nature of the force that holds, disease, dysfunction, or disturbance in place in my life. So, yah--it was a great idea to work on chakra balancing in 2010, I guess! ;)

I'll be thinking about all of that for some time. :)

Okay--so then last night I drew a card from a new deck I haven't used yet--Soul Coaching cards. I bought them along with the book I just finished. Again--I asked for any guidance they could give me concerning getting back to the writing-writing.

The first thing it says is--"Believe in yourself! Have faith in magic and miracles. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it."

"The best is yet to come!"
Well, you can't say I didn't get a response--hehe!
I was so tired that I took a short nap so that I could be up at midnight. Didn't sleep long after that--4 hours. Mind is much more awake and energized than my body--hehe! ;)
Oh--here is the gift from Dagan and Leah! Specially hand made for me from a lady in Sweden!!
They are like natural stone roses. :):)
No one on earth has a pair of earrings like mine! And from Sweden!! You can see more of her handmade jewelry here:
Thank you so much!!! :):)
Oh--SHOOT! Sorry! Had so many pictures today that I missed the one of Dagan and Leah's gifts from Spruce!! Dang! Next time. I promise.
Okay--I decided that mere dusting just wasn't enough. After several years the time comes for hot water--hehe! I gathered up my "stuff"--and even more angels than usual this year. (I think I needed them--hehe!)
Decided to check out the Chakra Balancing kit on New Year's Eve.
I got the Healing Ruins out, too. But I never did get to them last night. Maybe today--who knows?
Everything all clean and shiny on my Tibetan Monk's colorful handmade table cloth.
Angels and crystals and rocks and candles and bells......
As soon as Karma hears the soft music (last night was The Edge of Forever by Hilary Stagg) she has a hard time keeping her eyes open.
Clockwise photos from lower left hand corner of the cloth: crystals, stones, and my ting-shaw chimes...
...handmade Tibetan bowl, Tibetan bell and dorje, Turkish inlaid box (from Dagan) with stones (reddish brown one was a gift from Sedona), small glass pyramid with a piece of rose quartz inside...
...angels, crystal sphere, rock sphere, big crystal stone, and you can just see my red man-made crystal ball on the stand with the doily...
...better picture of the huge crystal rock, chime, more crystals and rocks, small jar that holds sand from the mandala Tibetan monks constructed and then destroyed when they visited Concordia college, my three pendulums (the wooden one has some of the sand inside it from the monks).
I realized I didn't get good pictures of the beautiful angels I got from Lynnette that were standing on the corners of the cloth. (They watch over me while I sleep.) The green angel of roses. In the green vase is sage blessed by a medicine man--northern Minnesota--also from Lynnette. (I should actually burn some and not just save it all, I suppose--but I am loath to do so. :)
The amazing red angel! And my red crystal ball is easier to see here. (I have never tried scrying--but the red ball had the most amazing, positive, vibrating energy for me when I held it--had to buy it. Still does!)
Here's a close up of the rock collection I keep in the box Dagan brought me from Turkey.
And--the candle holder made especially for me by my Leah in her pottery class!! Took her forever to cut all those leaves.
Miss Karma totally missed the greeting of the new year.
She just loves the peaceful music and is out like a light in no time.
Cat meditation?
What a glorious shifting to 2010! Just felt like the best one in years. Hope you all had a wonderful greeting time and released all the old, no longer useful or needed, from 2009. The sun is out--cleansing all my goodies on the table with bright rays.
I am awash with joy!
May we all have a lighter, brighter year in 2010!! :):)


Rebag said...

Hey Rita.....Happy New Year!!

Looks like you got some awesome stones and crystals!! I have the same book you do on balancing is a very good book.....main thing when cleansing and cleaning out as I call it to bring all things in my life back into balance is time and lots of practice!! You will get it!! Thanks for sharing! did you manage to get the pic of the create every day on your page on the side menu?? I really need to learn to do that!!

you and Karma stay warm!! -8 here now


AliceKay said...

You have such beautiful "stuff". Thanks for telling us what we see there on your table cloth.

I have the song "Timeless Ways" by Hilary Stagg in my music files. I was thinking the name sounded familiar. According to the song file info, it's from the "Edge of Forever" album. Soothing music. I sometimes play instrumentals during my Inspirational stream on Sunday mornings.

Happy New Year, Rita. I hope 2010 is a good year for you.

Rita said...

Hi Reba!
So we have the same Chakra Balancing book! Glad to hear it is one you've used so I know it must be pretty good. ;)

I tried to explain on your blog. As I said, I don't speak computer very well. I hope you can understand what I tried to say. :)

Minus 32 when I got up and still minus 29 now. Brrrr!!!

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
Thanks! This is the result of many years of collecting and gifts. It's always a surprise when I gather them all up from the nooks and crannies as to how much stuff I actually have--hehe!

Hilary Stagg's harp music is so celestial for me--love it! Surprised you have something of his, too! Nice! :):)

May this be the best year, right?! :)

AliceKay said...


Serena Lewis said...

OH, what a beautiful collection of spiritual and healing aides you have there, Rita! LOVE those crystals! I would say the cards are definitely pointing you in the direction of writing. Awwwww and sweet Karma looks so relaxed in those pics ~ :)

Serena Lewis said...

I forgot to mention your one-of-a-kind earrings....they're GORGEOUS! Lucky YOU!

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
Happy New Year! :) That Karma--she just conks right out when she hears my meditation type CDs--hehe!

Such odd stones, huh? I love the fact that they are natural and the lady hand made these for me. That Leah! ;)

Intense Guy said...

Happy New Year Rita and Karma!!!!

Keep warm!!! I hope 2010 brings you lots of enjoyable activities (and the fish poop ghost stay away).

Rita said...

Thank you, Iggy! You too!! I sure hope all goes very well for you and your brother, too.

Leah and I will have fingers full of caulking on Weds--and I might begin making a mess sooner than that. ;) We have so many plans and ideas--again--of course--that we'll keep busy all year long, I'm sure. Best to you! :):)