Saturday, January 02, 2010


First of all, so I don't forget--here are the beautiful necklaces that Spruce made for Dagan and Leah!!
Made with Russian trade beads and hand designed by Spruce. :) I had no idea he was making these and was surprised he picked black and cobalt blue beads--they are Leah's favorite colors--and hematite--one of her favorite stones! I have been hiding them for over a month--hehe!
Thanks so much, Spruce!!! They were really surprised! Lots of good energy and love went into these! :):)
Right now it is 32 below zero! Not wind chill--real temperature. Whew! Bitterly cold! Good grief! Been a cold winter so far.
Leah stopped by yesterday after work. She had gotten to Office Max to get the angel bookmarks laminated after work on Thursday but didn't have time to trim them there. So she shoveled out my garage, checked that PitaPaseo started up (yes!), and came in to cut down the lamination on the bookmarks. Soooo cold, poor thing!! I was so tired from only sleeping 4 hours that I was in my robe--all day.
Quite a zombie day yesterday--glad to be greeting the new year inside--hehe! I did order the "tear bar" from Daniel Smith and some rubber stamps that Leah and I had talked about from Impress. [And a few other small things--don't want to say--want to surprise Leah-hehe!]
And I joined the CED online group--Creative Every Day. I keep seeing blogs (wonderful creative people) with that link. I am not sure if I managed to get it set up right so it is actually a link, but at least I got the picture up--hehe! It's not strict--includes creativity in all its unending forms! Sounds like it is a way to be reminded all year long to think and be creative. I thought that would be a wonderful way to approach 2010. :)
Speaking of....time to post the Goal List! :):)
Artistic, Creative, and Spiritual Goals for 2010

1. YouTube—keep making videos of all the art and craft projects.
2. Spirit—Insight Meditation course.
3. Spirit—Chakra Balancing course.

4. Writing—buy a new user-friendly laptop with contest winnings.
5. Writing—find a way to write-write again!!
6. Writing—enter a poetry contest.
7. Writing—enter a short story contest.

8. Bookbinding—make journals with lighter weight papers (90 lb).
9. Bookbinding—make a journal using the Davy board.

10. Sewing—try to make a pattern and sew a shoulder bag like our red bags.
11. EDM—work on the EDM list.
12. CBP—practice orchids and bamboo.
13. CBP—try gongbi the proper way.

14. Watercolors—continue with wildflowers and botanicals.
15. Watercolors—finish the inked/traced Flower & Bird Paintings
16. Watercolors—make some more abstract bookmarks.

17. Polymer Clay—figure out how to finish the rose bouquet (ask Leah for help!).
18. Handmade Paper—finish the set of red and white Christmas cards.
19. Handmade Paper—learn how to make envelopes.
20. Handmade Paper—use some of the new techniques we saw on the videos.

21. Cards—make a second set of Christmas cards.
22. Cards—make a set of birthday cards.
23. Cards—make a second set of birthday cards.
24. Cards—make up the scrap cards (prep work done 2009).

25. Bookcards—make up the ones from the pretty paper (prep work done 2009).
26. Bookcards—make some from handmade paper.

27. Etsy—send the postcards for 2009.
28. Etsy—make up postcards for 2010.
29. Etsy—make up Christmas cards from the leftover parts from 2009.

30. Organize—Give 30 gallon tank away and remove cabinet.
31. Organize—Move bookcase from hallway to living room.
32. Organize—buy the paper storage bookcase for hallway.
I do apologize. I haven't forgotten about writing up the story about GA and quitting smoking. Just haven't had a free good day to dedicate to that yet. I should know better by now than to ever make promises that involve deadlines--ROFL!
Maybe after I have my wonderful new laptop I will be able to have more good computer hours available, eh?? Wouldn't that be an amazing thing!!?? I am visualizing that. :):)
In the meantime--it is first on my writing list when I have a free, good day. I promise. Yes--I can still make promises. They just can't have an actual deadline--hehe! My good days--generally out of my control. See--I still have trouble reconciling to that fact to this day. Stubborn, optimistic Swede--hehe!
Well--all my best to you--and may 2010 be filled with good days!! :):)


Rebag said...

Good Morning Rita.....looking forward to following your blog in 2010!! Yep its a -32 here too....not going far, I think my poor basement by sewing table has my name on it this weekend....something about organization...LOL. Love the necklaces Spruce made....beautiful,thanks for sharing!!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful necklaces. Very nice work.

You did the link right. I clicked on it and it took me right to Creative Every Day. Good job. :)

Goals are good. Sometimes we all have to make deadlines for ourselves.

(did you say 32 below zero????)

Rita said...

Hi Reba!
Warmer as I answer this morning. Minus 20--hehe! I hope you are getting some sewing done this weekend. ;) And staying WARM!! :)

Rita said...

I'm glad the link worked.

Yes--32 below zero. Really in the deep freeze up here!

I know deadlines are usually a good thing, but I was just saying that--physically--I can't count on being able to meet them anymore. It is quite literally out of my own personal control--no matter how much I may want it to be different. ;)

Sophie_vf said...

yep, you set it up right, that's how I got to the CED blog and signed up!

I'd just like to wish you a Happy New Year. I haven't commented in a long time, but just want to say that I check your blog regularly and really enjoy what you share, whether it's your art, the movies you watch, the weather outside or your thoughts on life. Thanks for being there, and may 2010 bring you wonderful opportunities.

Serena Lewis said...

That's some list, Rita! I look forward to reading your blog this year ~ :)

Btw, those necklaces are beautiful!

I haven't signed up to CED yet for this year...soon though. It's a great way to stay motivated ~

Rita said...

Hi Sophie!! I have to go check your blog! Delighted to know you stop by regularly and love that you commented. The CED group does sound like it is a good motivational tool. Maybe I'll see you on the widget, too!? Happy New Year to you, too!! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena! I think your blog was the first place I had seen anything about CED. See--you're a good influence--hehe!

I always bite off more than I can chew on my goal list--but what the heck, right? I'm looking forward to seeing what you will be up to in the coming year, too! :):)