Friday, April 09, 2010


Karma missed me while I was gone shopping with Leah last night...
...but, as always, she is more interested in what I bring home with me that she can investigate--preferably, lay and roll on--hehe!
Yesterday, I watched the last DVD of Mad Men. Was an interesting season, to say the least! Can hardly wait to see what happens next year! I was busy all afternoon on a secret mission. ;)
Leah came over after work and we went off shopping--Sam's Club and Hobby Lobby. Was so much fun to be out wandering with Leah. Been a while. Very, very sore by the time I got home--but had such a nice time. Leah is always such good company. :):)
Miss Karma is a very vocal cat and talks to me all the time, but I seldom catch a picture. She's extra, extra talkative when I've been gone. Probably telling me all about everything that happened while I was gone--hehe!
She kept rolling and talking...
...chatting away. ;)
Karma was laying on the package of a pair of scissors I got at Sam's. The toothbrush is from Leah. (Dagan and Leah have electric toothbrushes so they give me their toothbrushes they get from their dentist visits.)
Birthday money went to a few cheap but awesome storage items--two pretty boxes and three more plastic containers for the small stuff--tada!
I left the cloth shopping bag on the floor...
...knowing Karma couldn't resist such a treat. She fell asleep on it, of course.
I'm not good for much of anything today, but content to hobble about here today. Felt good to get out and about when the weather is so nice! Spring and fall are the best. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right. :):)
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. I think, although I am not much of a "cat whisperer" that Karma was saying she likes the extra minty toothpaste so please get her some?

    I'm glad you got out and about - I'm sure Leah is a "bubbly" and chipper walking buddy.

    Oh wait... this just in from the Feline Interpretation Center, they say Kharma is saying, "Can I run with these sissors Mom? Kin I? Kin I?"

  2. My siamese used to talk and mutter all the time to me. Cookie sort of chirps, and Chiclet tries to tell me things, but I don't always understand. The two cats I had before never purred or hardly made a sound, so they are all different.
    I was hope our weather would be warmer by now, but it snowed again yesterday, It's still 35 oor 40, but it's above 0 at least.

  3. Hi Iggy,
    Karma would maybe want salmon flavored or catnip flavored toothpaste--ROFL!! I've never owned a cat yet that I could brush their teeth, like they claim you should do. They'd tear my arm off!

    Leah is the quieter one of the two of us, but she is always interested and thinking of ideas. We are always discussing ideas and she is so patient with me walking slower and needing to sit down. She's just plain good company and I usually make her laugh. (I am always making Dagan and Leah laugh--doing and saying silly things--not always on purpose, mind you--hehe!) I am blessed. :):)

  4. Rita, I hope since we give you so many toothbrushes that you are switching to a new one at least every 3 months. :)

    Also, I was going to say in your post from yesterday, in one of the pictures it looks like you're coming down a small hill but it's actually a bridge that goes over I-94 just wanted to point that out, in case anyone though that there was a natural hill up here in Fargo, well there isn't...It's as flat as it can be up here I think.

    There are a few man made hills and valleys to add interest and for drainage, but nothing natural, now travel about 30 mins or more in either direction and you'll see more hills that start up, expecially East into Minnesota, you can deffinitley find hills here.

    Fargo has to be one of the flatest places on Earth... ;)

    Thank you kindly,

  5. Hi Sue,
    We had a Siamese when I was a kid, so I assumed all cats talked to you all the most every cat I have had has talked to me. Of course, I talk to them, so it's only polite for them to learn to answer--ROFL!

    Karma purrs the loudest when she is in the kitchen waiting for her tsp of warmed canned cat food--and when I place my hand across her chest to hold her back while I put down the food--that rumble under the warm fur makes me smile every morning.

    I hope it warms up in Alaska pretty soon. It is gradually making it into spring down here. The trees are still bare and the grass is just starting to peek up thru the brown carpeting. There's nothing left of the snowbanks in the parking lots but a scattering of gravel and sand. The Canadian geese are raucously announcing their passage. Ahhh! Spring will soon be your way, too. :):)

  6. Hi Leah,
    Truth is--I forget. I'll go write it down in my calendar and change it next month. (I just changed it when I went to the dentist checkup a couple months ago.) Thanks for reminding me.

    Yes--that's true! It might actually look like a hill!! Just an overpass on the freeway--ROFL!! That's so funny! I should make a note in the blog lest people think we have any inclines here in Fargo--ROFLMAO!!! :):):)

  7. Awwwww, sweet, sweet Karma ~

    I've been in pain right along with you the past few days. A lot of heavy yard-work caused my back injury to flare up and, yesterday, I finally gave in and took some anti-inflammatory medication to help. Still sore but I hope to feel much better by tomorrow.

    I think it's wonderful that you and Leah get on so well and share similar interests too ~ xo

  8. Hi Serena,
    I took a bad fall on cement steps, landed on my back, and have had troubles ever since (about 23-24 years ago). All you can do is deal with it the best you can and try not to set it off--but can't always manage to avoid flare ups. Take good care of yourself. Sorry you were in that accident, my friend. Good thing we are survivors--hehe!! :):)

    Karma says hi! :)

  9. I bought a couple of photo storage boxes just like those at the Ben Franklin store a few weeks ago. They were on sale..2 for $5. I need to work on my photo organization project sometime soon. It's getting away from me again.

    Cats love to roll on things, don't they? Those were good shots of Karma "talking" to you. I think it's the first time I've seen a picture of her with her mouth open. :D

  10. Hi AliceKay,
    We use them for everything but photos--hehe! Storage for all kinds of crafting supplies. They're sturdy, stack, and cheap. :)

    It's surprising I don't have more pictures of Karma talking. Only other photos I have of her with her mouth open are when she's yawning--hehe! Karma talks a lot, but it is usually quick softer meows--except when I've been away or she's really excited about something. Then she gets louder and insistent-ha! :):)


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