Thursday, April 01, 2010


Angie never showed up, but finally called in the evening. Got wires crossed with someone else, I guess. No problem. Rescheduled for next week.
Dagan and Leah ordered dinner delivered. Yummy! And Leah came bearing gifts. :)
This birthday card was handmade by Amber! She didn't have my address, so she mailed it to D&L's.
Those of you who have been following the blog might remember that Leah helped her friend, Amber, make her wedding invitations over here at my place. Amber was bitten by the crafting bug--hehe!
What a cute card! And how much time it must have taken to glue on each and every one of these flowers to cascade across the card like this! Very springy!! Thanks Amber! I love it! :)
And Leah brought another one of the photo boxes so we now have one for storing the embossing folders for the Cuttlebug--tada!
Now these and the dies will be easier to flip thru to find what we want. :)
And Leah brought me another candle! We use the jars for crafts afterwards, too.
And Ariel did this woodburning for me!
Even has G.A. on the back!! Awesome!
Wings on the top--hard to see, but they are a bit 3D. :)
Thanks, Ariel! :)
Leah and I never got to the Etsy shop last night because we had several projects lined up and they gobbled up the evening. We kind of figured that might happen. Leah worked on the dimmer switch for the floor lamp. She re-soldered the circuit board, but it still wouldn't work. The lamp will plug in directly (not using the dimmer contraption but it has no on/off switch) and eventually will light up when jiggled, but it seems to have a short or something. She checked the fuse and it was still good. ??? Will have to return to that project later.
While Dagan figured out how to get the desktop with Linux to recognize my printer/copier, Leah took my two VCRs apart and cleaned them inside. (She really is our tool girl!)
Then Leah cut my hair. I went shorter this time--chin length blunt cut. Dagan got the printer to work and he was also working on the scanner--which hasn't worked since I first bought it maybe 7-8 years ago? But I forgot to ask him if he got the scanner to work. They were ready to take off and get home. :) Hugged them goodbye with my wet hair and that was all she wrote for me yesterday. :)
Leah and I are going to just keep using our Wednesday nights to work on Etsy until we are caught up--however many weeks that takes us. ;)
Oh--and I completely forgot about calling about the collection agency until it was nearly time for Angie to arrive. I am moving very slowly today...been up since 7am and just now blogging--hehe! But I guess I should call now this afternoon and get it over with. See what is going on??
Darker day, cooler (50s), and occasional showers. Quiet day today. Hope it is a good one for everybody!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

G.A.? Gorgeous Ariel?


Hmm... subconciously postponing the icky call... I hope it went okay for you.

I like that photo box. It looks nice and sturdy. And Gorgeous Ariel's wooden box is very impressive! Seems like very few things are nicer than a natural wood, huh?

AliceKay said...

I wondered what the G.A. stood for, too. (?) Very nice box. She did a great job on it.

We had a beautiful day here today. High in the mid 70s. Karen and Ryan came for a visit and we had him outside riding in his new wagon. We had a good day. :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Nope--GA stands for my guardian angel--that's what I call him for short. :)

The call--well, I'll fill you in on the blog tomorrow. Didn't go very well, tho. :( No wonder I blocked it out!

We have a black photo box that holds all the Spellbinder cutting dies for the Cuttlebug, too. They are very sturdy--yes. I think she bought them at Office Max.

Ariel does a really nice job with that woodburning tool! I like wood, too. I have no doubts that I can find something to store in there--hehe! ;)

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
GA=guardian angel. I've talked about him on the blog a few times, but not for a while, I guess. Everybody who has known me for any length of time eventually knows about GA--hehe! :)

Wow! 70 degrees must have melted the snow away. Sounds like you had a really nice day with little Ryan. Children--now they can be truly soul lifters! ;)

Amber (Geek in Progress) said...

So glad you like the card, it was fun to make! And I'm also glad it got there without being too smooshed:D

Serena Lewis said...

The guardian angel box from Ariel is gorgeous and a lovely card by Amber! Lucky you! Yes, I thought of your guardian angel instantly when I saw the initials.

So sorry the call didn't go too well. I'm wondering if there is anyone you can call for help???

Intense Guy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh Guardian Angel.... silly me, I should have remembered.

I see a familar red card around your GA box. :)

:( sorry the call to the agency didn't go well - prehaps its time to stop feeding Karma treats, not to save money, but so she has room to devour anyone that comes to the door to hassle you.

Rita said...

Hi Amber!
I was delightfully surprised and impressed! You certainly have gotten into card making. That is something I haven't seen, either! Really cool! Thanks so much for thinking of me! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Wasn't that nice of Ariel? And a little tribute to GA, too--hehe!

And Amber! She had never made a card before she and Leah worked together on her wedding invitations. Leah told me that last time she came up to visit they hit all the craft stores in town--hehehe! She caught the disease!! LOL!! :):)

Rita said...

Iggy--yup! Good old naggy guardian angel--hehe!

Yes--that birthday card really did look familiar--hehe! That is the card that came with Ariel's wooden box--which she obviously got from Leah--hehe!

I don't know if even an attack cat would help. :( But I like the picture of her giving them hell! :)