Sunday, April 11, 2010


Warmer weather.
Karma's back to sprawling around on the floor instead of being curled in an upright ball--hehe!
I finished up the cards last night and made them into "thank you" cards.

Had fun with the Cuttlebug, distress inks, dimensionals, and used the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to position the "Thanks!" stamp on the shapes for the fronts. :)
Another beautiful day and predicted to be in the mid-60s!! More porch reading. :) I may have a couple more paperbacks to return to Caroline by Tuesday at this rate--hehe! I love this perfect weather in the spring and fall. Ahhhh! And off to the porch I go.....:):)


  1. Once again, love the cards Rita! So pretty! It was a beautiful day today! Hope you enjoyed porch reading today - perfect day for it! Reading anything good?

  2. I liked the last card the best. :)

    I'm glad you're finally getting the warmer weather. Sounds like a great spring day. It turned out to be a nice day here, too. I went out to Karen's late this morning to help her with something on her computer, and then we took Ryan and went for a drive to pick up a pizza. Went back to her house for lunch, worked on the computer a little more, and then I drove home. (pics to be posted to my blog and Flickr when i get some time)

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I've been reading the paperbacks that Caroline brings me. Light, fast reading--chick lit mysteries. Have been loving this weather. Supposed to rain tomorrow, I guess. But stay warm. Well--not too cold and not too warm--ahhh! My favorite weather always. :):)

    When you posted you were heading to Vegas I thought maybe you were getting married--since you guys are getting a house and all. Sounded like maybe that is in your future, tho. ;) Glad you guys are so happy!!

  4. Hi AliceKay!
    You like the really feminine cards. Those are my favorites, too.

    Sounds like a wonderful pizza afternoon with people you love dearly. Can hardly wait to see pictures! :):)

  5. Nice cards!

    Kharma looks like one of those Anacodas that has just swallowed a (I was going to say Water Buffalo but I'll be nice and say) woodchuck.

    :) I hope you enjoy the fresh air and the reading!

  6. Hi Iggy!
    Yup! That Karma is 20 pounds of love!! (Or annoyance, as the case my be.)

    P.S. I've seen what those snakes can eat on nature shows and it is mind boggling!

  7. Your cards turned out so pretty, Rita!

  8. Thanks, Serena! :)

  9. Haha Rita! Just read your response to my comment. I'm expecting that to happen very very soon :) (Especially since he took me to look at rings three or four weeks ago. He's a keeper...for sure!

  10. Jennifer--maybe it will end up being a double wedding trip to Vegas?? wink! wink!


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