Sunday, April 04, 2010


Sunny mornings are still cool enough...
...that Karma prefers sitting on the warmer cushioned chair than to catch the last rays on the chilly outdoor carpet.
But it is soooo nice to feel the warmth in the afternoons--smell the scent of green in the air--hear the geese celebrating their travels north--and the local birds rejoicing as they race about with their nest building. Ahhh! Spring!
Myself...I was joyfully putting to use some of that endless cutting and folding prep-work I did all those months ago. This is why I am such a prep-work devotee!! :):)
Decided to make up a bunch of bookcards!
I picked out a variety of covers...
...and then inside papers for them (pre-grouped into sets of five sheets).
Then used the cradle and template. (Sorry--already removed the template--just a folded heavy piece of paper with neatly spaced holes I can set on top and punch away.)
Here I was done with the hole punching step.
Next--picking out embroidery thread to coordinate with the cover paper.
I cut a length of thread and place it on top--then stack them up.

Then I take the bag of embroidery scrap ends...
...blunt tip needle, scissors, the stack of bookcards--and can sit in my chair while I watch TV and sew them together.
[Note: I keep the thread scraps because I go back and cut these into tiny pieces and add them to handmade paper pulp to make what I call confetti paper! Love it!]
When they are all sewn together then I add a writing guide to each one.
And here are the finished bookcards--tada!!
Feels good! I have been out of them again for some time. I will probably put some of these for sale in the etsy shop, too. Ahhh! Just feels so wonderful when you finish a project, doesn't it? Since these have steps, they're perfect for me to putter with little by little all day. The tortoise wins the race, right? ROFL!!
I was so determined to keep plugging away at these and finish them last night that I didn't even watch my Netflix DVDs when they came in the late afternoon.
Yes--you heard me--Netflix!!
Dagan and Leah set it up so that they are paying for my Netflix and then I can reimburse them for it every month (since I have been afraid to get another debit card from the bank, as you know). So--today I have Mad Men to watch!! Awesome!
Right now--all I can hear are the happy geese, faint traffic from off on I-29, the barn swallows finding nesting spots (the motivation for me to screen in my balcony), a car leaving from the parking lot, and Karma's gentle snore.
Happy Easter!! :):)


  1. I love the book cards. What are they used for and what do you do with them all?
    They are very beautiful.

  2. OH yeah, I just wanted to mention....You really should take that pic of the envelope off...the one that has your address on it. Not too safe.

  3. Beautiful book cards, Rita!

    I was actually thinking the same thing re. that addressed envelope. I usually blur out, or pixelate, the private information in pics 'cos ya just never know who might be watching.

  4. Okay--I removed the picture. You guys are right. Probably not a good thing to have that up there. I have no clue how to pixelate or blur anything, Serena, so I covered up the address and took a new picture which I'll post Monday. :)

    Barbara, I am an avid letter writer and kind of invented these to write letters in. Have been using them for the past couple years. I have people I write to who don't have Internet--and just like writing letters sometimes even if they do--hehe! If I print off wallet sized photos they fit perfectly in there--just use a glue stick--and it reads like a picture book. But people use them for other things--collage, notes, drawings, lists...whatever. With the five sheets you get 20 little pages counting front and back. They're not heavy sheets, tho--writing paper. I love them. Often write in segments (people tease me they are chapters) till I fill one up. If I'm feeling less chatty--I can easily remove a page or two. I know--who writes letters any more? Me!! :)

  5. Ahhh... nothing like the fresh scent of the pine trees and the flowers on the rising sun-warmed air... :)

    Your book cards look spluderific! Its neat seeing how orderly your assembly process is!

    (Okay, I made the word up but it works for me!)

  6. p.s., I can "pixellate" pictures for ya if ya want me to...

  7. Hi Iggy!
    When I think of the scent of pine trees I think of northern Minnesota and camping trips--ahhh! Flowers--I wish we had some flowers around here. Flowers blooming is what spring is all about. Makes me want to at least buy a couple hanging plants again--and hope I can keep them alive--hehe! May--in May it will be warm enough to hang them on the porch. Soon! :):)

    Thanks! If I need anything pixilated I will remember you. ;)


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