Thursday, April 29, 2010


After a good long rest, the next big project is the rest of the kitchen. I foresee a lot of jar scrubbing ahead of me again--hehe!
My big t-shirts (what I wear to bed) arrived yesterday. What a deal! No shipping, no tax, a t-shirt sale, plus 20% off one item. Dirt cheap! Hope they last me 8-9 years like the last ones have--hehe! Miss Karma went hiding, of course.
Never met a bag she didn't like? hehe!
Dagan and Leah came after work. I was rather immobile and in my robe. Dagan made chicken stir fry and after dinner Leah put together a meatloaf for me. (My goodbye-to-meats foods for the next few days--hehe!) I sent almost everything home with them except for some tuna, just in case I go thru terrible meat withdrawal. Forgot to send the rest of the hamburger and chicken from the freezer home with them--so I'll have to try to remember to have them take it with them after we go to the eyedoctor's on Saturday. :)
I'm getting all set. Am going to have an extra large grocery order in May, but that's okay. It's all good, right? :) May 3rd is when I get my check and order groceries, so that's my cut off day. Wish me luck! If I am feeling weak--I plan to watch Food, Inc around then so that should bolster my conviction for the shift.
I am a little less sore today. Be on R&R the rest of the week so I am in shape for the eyedoctor on Saturday. I'll need to wash clothes one day here. Or maybe I can spread out the loads on different days? Good idea.
Oh--Iggy--I misspelled kuzu and fixed it on that post--it wasn't kuru, sorry. It is a wild root starch. I bought several odd items over at this place in town called Tochi's that has all these natural and foreign foods you can't find in the grocery store. (Love that packed little store!) I was trying a lot of oriental cooking at the time. Going to get those cookbooks out again, too. That's why I needed to know what the heck I still had in the pantry--ROFL!
I am so pleased, tho, with how well I spread out the pantry project over the days with the 30 minute sessions (altho, I learned I should have quit before that last day or so and taken a break for a couple days--but better to know for next time, right?). And I still plan on being off the pain pills by the 3rd, too. All is going well. Soft gray rainy morning. I'm back on days. Life is good. And it will be even better after a couple of days R&R--ROFL!! Later...:):)


AliceKay said...

Looks like you have quite a few jars up there on that shelf. Looks pretty high up there, too. Be careful if you're climbing up and down a step stool to reach them. (i just climb up on my kitchen chairs to reach things these days)

R&R sounds like a plan...and well deserved after your project. :)

Serena Lewis said...

How interesting....I have never seen a microwave fitted above a stove like that...a range-hood, yes...but never a microwave. Be careful not to overdo things, Rita. Stick to those small intervals of work and lengthen the breaks in-between if need be. Lots of rest!

Celticspirit said...

You are doing great Rita and I think it's a wonderful idea to do it in the intervals. You are so organized! And be careful up on that high shelf. So....who let the cat out of the bag? ;)

Intense Guy said...

"Better to know for next time"? If I recall correctly, you said it's been two, possibly three years since you did it last time. So next time (put this in your daytimer) will be April 24, 2012.

...but with the end of the world scheduled for Decemeber 21, 2012, you might want to just skip it. :)

I think I had my head in Karma's bag long enough to get dizzy or something huh?

akartisan said...

my cat, Cookie, love to lay on and scootch around on Barnes and Noble bags - they make a crinkly sound.

As long as you combine the right foods to make complete amino acids, you will be fine and probably not feel hungry. That's what the book "A Small Planet" is about - you could probably get it at your library. The first book explains it and the second one is a cookbook.

Good luck with you new adventures in eating and the drug withdrawal.

Rita said...

AliceKay--I have a plan. I am going to wait till one of the times Caroline comes (every two weeks) and have her take the jars down for me. That way I'll avoid that step altogether--hehe! I do have a really sturdy step stool, too.

Serena--they've had the built-in microwaves over here for ages-decades! They're awesome because they don't take up all that counter space. Most newer apartments come with them--even here in low income housing. They have the range fan and light built in underneath them. :)

Barb--I'll be careful when I put them back up after I have Caroline take them down for me. Maybe I can get Dagan or Leah to help me? Hummm? :):) Cat out of the bag...hehe!

Iggy--2012-yup-might not have to clean the pantry ever again, eh? ROFL! My next time was meaning my next project--like cleaning the rest of the kitchen. I have a few bigger ones I have been putting off--that I don't think I can put off till 2012 to see if the world ends or not--ROFL!!!! Interesting question to ponder. If you knew your time was ending, what would you do with the rest of your time? I'd be doing the same things I am doing now--but would probably try to spend more time with the people I love.

Sue--whenever that book came out many years ago I read it and had a copy. Lent it out and it was never returned--long, long ago. I should try and make it to the library this summer....