Saturday, April 03, 2010


A bright sunny morning!
Karma heading for the food and water that tastes so much better...
...than the identical inside food and water--hehe!
Okay--I spent time online yesterday looking up information on government sites and it doesn't look like the hospital/clinic can actually garnish my disability check or force me to pay more than I can. The federal government, on the other hand, can come after me at any time and take 15% of my disability check because of the school loans I can't pay--but no one else can, apparently. So...I am just going to continue to pay my $25 a month...forever...and see what they do. Everybody has told me not to fill anything out for them, either, about my bills, etc. So--that's my plan. Just keep paying my bill as I have been the past year--not going to send them the paperwork--and wait and see what happens.
Dagan and Leah have been sent two of these letters, too. They have made payments for Dagan's checkups and surgeries over the years and never had a problem. They've been steadily making payments, also, on the bills for Dagan's last pacemaker replacement. Suddenly it is not enough--and accounts are being sent to collection agencies. This just has to be related to the passing of the health care bill and spreading panic in the health care system.
On a perfect, perfect day to lift my spirits--gifts arrived in the mail yesterday!! :):)
My aunt, Mary Lou, saw this journal and thought of me! It is so pretty!
It's one of those blank journals that you can use for so many different things.
Reminds me of the farm where Dagan and I lived with Roger in Wisconsin. Loved the land...the critters...and those beautiful hydrangea bushes. Thank so much, Mary Lou--I love it!! :)
And look what arrived from Spruce/John from Nain in Canada! He made this delicate necklace himself, of course.
Love it! Gold and black--has a regal coloring.
He taped the necklace down on a piece of paper and that was also folded inside of a letter--but when it arrived the envelope looked like it had been riddled with bullet holes--ROFL!! I was very worried about whether it had survived the journey...
[Sorry--I removed the picture because it had my address on it--as several people suggested. I'll repost it with my address blocked out in a couple of days.]
...but amazingly the necklace arrived unscathed! Thanks so much, John!! :)
I made an attempt to take a picture of myself. This was before Leah cut my hair--around my birthday.
59 and holding. I kept giggling. Seemed so silly trying to hold the camera up and keep my head in the frame...
...and having my cat watch me like I was a crazy person.
Cracked me up. But there I am--as is. Tired, no make up...but happy.
And--our interview article was posted today!
I hope the link works for you.
Scarlett O'Hara was right. Tomorrow came. It's another day. ROFL!!! :):)


  1. The government has more control over us than I care to think about these days. :\ I don't think I'd want to fill out those forms without first talking to a lawyer.

    Very nice article. I liked the card they have displayed for it, too. :)

    The sun is mostly shining here today, but the wind is ripping. It's in the low 80s, but it's not as nice as it was here yesterday. Actually, yesterday got rather hot because we weren't used to those temps. When I got home from grocery stopping late yesterday afternoon, I took out a couple more storm windows and vacuumed off some ceiling fans so I could get some air circulating. I think spring has sprung. :)

  2. Hi AliceKay,
    Yes--that's what I think now, too. Dont fill it out. I'm curious to see what is on it, tho.

    I thought she wrote up a pretty good article from our interview questions we answered. [That red birthday card is Iggy's favorite card, I think. He special ordered a whole bunch of them--hehe! One of Leah and my very favorites, too.]

    Spring has sprung up here, too! Blue skies and white fluffy clouds and 50-60s most days. Awesome! :):)

  3. Now that is what I call "all the news that is fit to print" ... between your blog posting and the Examiner's wonderful article on you and Leah!!

    :) :) :) :) :)

  4. Hi Iggs!
    Yes--the world looked a little less threatening today. :)

    Yes, I thought she did a very nice job on the article--and the sun is shining--Karma has made me laugh a couple times already today--and I got a whole bunch of smiles from you! Life is good. :):)

  5. From the info you've gathered, I wouldn't be filling out their paperwork either or they may use it as an intent to pay whatever amount they set for you each month. If they can't legally garnish your income, just keep paying as you have been. As you say, it's probably just pressure tactics. Good luck with it all.

    The article is wonderful! I too like the pictures they used.

    Both journal and necklace are gorgeous! Goodness, I wonder how the envelope got in that condition.

    I'm glad to see your happy, smiling face, Rita. I was reminded of the song - Don't worry, Be happy! xo

  6. Hi Serena,
    Yes--I'm afraid they would use the paperwork against me somehow.

    The reporter was trying to be clever with the mother-in-law daughter-in-law aspect. Kind of silly. But it was a good article and nice pictures. :)

    The envelope -- well, the beads got caught in the sorting machines, I guess. I am shocked that it didn't damage the necklace!?? I just look at that envelope and chuckle--imagining a 30's Chicago gangster movie! :)

    Funny you should mention the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" song. I loved that song! I was going thru a divorce and would sing in the car whenever it came on. And they also played "I Can See Clearly Now" and "I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal"--and I would sing and feel lifted by the happy silly songs. Music can trigger memories of what was going on at that time in your life. I had just learned to drive (30 yrs old) and was cruising in my burgundy Pacer and singing loudly to myself along with the radio. Good memories! (Yup! You can have really good memories in the midst of the bad ones.) :):)


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