Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Karma observed while I puttered away all morning after I got a burst of energy.
TaDa! One side put together!

Can see the counter tops again!

I moved the soup cans over to the art table. This is the accumulated stack of foods that I don't plan to return to the pantry--either have meat or are quite processed. I guess this is my eat first or see if Dagan and Leah want pile--hehe!
I have slept and been up again since midnight. Will probably work on the other side of the pantry during the night here. This side will be so much easier. Lots of small light things--can use both hands most of the time. :)
No matter what, this is going to be the worst this place has ever looked when Caroline has come to clean--hehe! But--I can have her clean the dirty, dusty floor in the pantry really well while it is empty--and just skip the rest of the kitchen floor that's still stacked with stuff. *she chuckles to herself* I am just so happy to see such progress!!
I have such an odd assortment of ingredients in there--from all the different types of diets I have tried. Xanthan gum, potato starch, arrow root flour, kuzu, dried shrimp, dulse, nori, wood ears, brown rice syrup, cooking sherry, crystalized ginger....a wide variety of food stuffs basically inedible in their present form. Most of my "pre-packaged" foods are now sitting on the art table--and I have a few Lean Cuisines left in the freezer. Gazing into my crystalized ginger I think I can predict the future--ROFL! Be a whole lot more cooking and baking from scratch again--hehe!
I did take a pain pill when I woke up. Warranted, I felt. I want to keep going on the pantry as long as I was still feeling so-so after sleeping. Speaking of...time to empty the other side. :):)


  1. It's looking great. Sorry you had to take the pain pill, but I imagine you probably were not feeling all that great after the work you did on the pantry.

    I like Progresso soup. Ever see the movie, Nim's Island? Jody Foster's character carried a can of Progresso soup all over the place. LOL

  2. What the heck are arrow root flour, kuru, dulse, nori, and wood ears?

    I more into aluminium silicate, ammonium carbonate, calcium propionate, ferrous gluconate, and potassium sulphates myself.

    Poor Degan and Leah, you gonna posion 'em with wood ears huh?

  3. AliceKay--I'm thinning out as I go, too. :) I love Progresso soup, but I never saw Nim's Island. I'll look it up on Netflix. I like Jodie Foster--good actress. Thanks! :)

    Iggy--No, I won't poison Dagan and Leah--hehe! I'm keep all that weird stuff. Some are seaweed, I think--look like it to me--hehe! The Wood ears are a type of fungus--not a mushroom, tho. I don't know what those ingredients are you mentioned--but I know they are probably listed on a lot of stuff--hehe! :)

  4. Looks great! Like me, you reuse jars to put stuff in. I think that glass is much better for storing stuff in anyhow and I'm kind of wary of plastic. I was looking the other day at WM at all of the glass types of storage containers they now have that go from freezer to oven. Pretty neat.
    I can't get to my email you back from that last email you wrote me. That's AOL for ya! I forgot I can answer you on FB so I'm going to do that.
    Anyhow, I like all the pictures. Looks really good and you have lots of neat stuff.

  5. be especially careful of having food in plastic bags in the sun. I made chocolate chip cookies to take camping with us once and it sat in the sun on the deck of the boat while we went up river. I wasn't able to eat them at all because they tasted so strongly of plastic. I try to use glass jars for most things.

  6. Barb--I've been using glass jars to store staples for decades! Love them! I prefer them to plastic, too, but some things need bigger containers and you can't really get bigger than one gallon jars. Besides--if they had then, I couldn't lift them anyways--ROFL! Oh--please try to email me again. Didn't see anything on facebook--and I don't go there as often. :)

  7. Sue--Not sure what you were referring to, but I don't have anything in the sun? In glass or plastic?

    I like glass jars, too, obviously. :)

    Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather! :) :)

  8. I meant don't put cookies or something in a plastic bag, then leave it in a window or on your porch or in your car where the sun will shine on it. It releases plastic vapors into the food and ruins it. I read an article about it after this happened to me, and try not to let that happen any more. Sorry if I confused you.

    Good for you trying to cut down on the processed foods. More and more people are saying what I have been trying to do for a long time - go back to cooking from scratch. It's cheaper and better for you. That's why kids school lunches are such a problem these days - instead of cooking the food, they have taco bell and Mcdonalds in the schools now, at least ours do here. I'm appalled.

  9. Sue,
    Sounds like you were watching Jamie Oliver, too. :):)


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