Friday, April 23, 2010


I know this isn't nice of me but every time I see Kerstin on the ABC news I find myself chuckling.
We had these ratted bubble hairdos in the 60s when I was in high school--all hairsprayed and stiff. She isn't old enough to have know this first hand, but every time I see her on the news it is like a trip back in time for me. ;)
When I got back from Dagan and Leah's Wednesday night...
...a big old moth got in from the porch and was flying all over the living room. Karma almost nabbed it a couple of times. I am always amazed at how fast she can move when she wants to--hehe! The moth escaped being a midnight snack by flying under the dresser that I have the TV on.

Karma kept vigil for hours! Checking from side to side, reaching under as far as she could, and finally lying in wait.
Never saw the moth again. Either she captured it and ate it while I was sleeping or it has died under there. Or it's waiting for one last valiant escape effort. Could work if it made a dash for the porch and knew how to climb back up under the screen. Karma has forgotten about it now. Funny how--even with cats--something that seems to be of supreme importance can not feel so life altering given some time--hehe!
The clouds have come in for the weekend, apparently. Scattered rain expected. I am starting on half a pain pill today. Weaning off and adjusting. Reading, writing letters, watching Supernatural episodes (Netflix)...pretty quite up here in Fargo. :)
Have a great weekend!! :):)


  1. Good luck with the reduced meds! We are all pulling for ya.

  2. just shows with the hairdo, as well as clothes and makeup, everything goes in cycles and keeps repeating itself.

    Good luck on the meds and the diet. Both together are important.

  3. and hairstyles do go in cycles. Someone said recently that the beehive hairstyle was coming back...maybe this is the start. lol

  4. Lots of things from years ago are coming back in style. Some are unbelievable.

    Loved the pics of Karma. She sure was intent on getting that moth.

    I hope the adjustment in your medication is an easy transition. Good luck with it.

    We have frost again this morning but the sun is out and it's supposed to warm things up to the low to mid 60s later on today. Rain is on it's way tomorrow, tho.

    Have a great Saturday.

  5. Iggy--thanks! I'm hanging in there and hoping for the best. :)

    Sue--yup! Tie dye has come back, bell bottoms, platform shoes...have even seen mood rings and what looked like pukka shell necklaces! They haven't seemed to last much longer than they did the first time around--hehe! I have to say that Kerstin's bubble do is probably easier to construct with all the new hair products on the market these days. All we had was Dippity Do, brush rollers, bobby pins, and hair spray. ROFL!!

  6. Serena--OMG! The beehive! That's even older than my time. Mom's wore the beehive in the 50s! Well, I had a girlfriend in high school who's mother was still wearing her beehive the last time I saw her in the 80s. And the manager at the senior building I worked two jobs in before I moved here in 1999 was still proudly wearing her beehive/french roll. They looked terribly dated--like they had stayed with the hairdo they wore when they were young in the 50s and never changed it because they knew they looked hot back then--hehe! I bet if they have it come back it will look a little different and more modern. I hope! Haven't seen anyone with them around here...yet! Maybe Mad Men is influencing people to go retro? :)

  7. AliceKay--Karma went nuts searching for that moth! She eats them if she catches them, so I always try to catch them before she does--yuck!

    So far, it's been pretty good with the weaning off the pain pills. I have been a little more stiff and sore I think. But then, I was over at Dagan and Leah's and I am always sore after I visit. A little more sore, tho. Just getting used to the change in pain level. Going okay, I guess. :)

    Hope you have a great Saturday, too. :)


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