Monday, April 12, 2010


Karma spent even more time on the porch yesterday than I did.
Every time I left she stole my chair. But when I'd try to sneak up on her to take a picture of her snoozing, she always heard me and sat right up--thinking I was coming back to kick her out--hehe!
I did manage to sneak a couple shots thru the bedroom window.
It was getting too chilly out there for me, but Karma looked quite comfortable.
Today, tho, it is dark and cloudy. 50s--light rain off and on. I slept deep under the covers with the window cracked open a good piece. So cold in here when I woke up and shut the window that I needed to turn the heat on--for a bit--just to take the chill out of the air. No reading on the porch today.
Happy Monday! Hope this is a great week for everybody! :):)


  1. Such a baleful glare in that second picture...

    I wonder if she thinks there are two of you? The "good" Rita that brings treats and the "Borg/RoboCop" Rita with the camera face that goes click, click, click... Flash, click!

  2. Iggs--She probably does--more than two--hehe! But, what's fair is fair--she has many sides to her, also--from sweet and cuddly to hissing and growling--ROFL!! :):):)

  3. Karma looks a tad bit disgusted that you interrupted her nap. LOL

    It's nice and sunny here this afternoon, but the wind has a bite to it if you stand in it awhile. We had a light frost this morning but my rhododendron looks okay. It's full of blossoms now. :)

  4. what a perfect kitty spot!

  5. AliceKay,
    But then Karma thinks she should always be able to do exactly as she desires and I should also do her bidding exactly as she desires. Well, I take that back. She is especially nice to me when I am not feeling very well. ;) hehe!

  6. Hi Leah!
    Also the best human spot out there--which is why we squabble over it--hehe! I've not been the best participant in the Creative Every Day Group. I should at least be talking about the senses more for April. Today was chilly with the scent of rain in the air and the sound of geese celebrating spring. :):) Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. I love curling up nice and warm under the blankets on chilly nights and mornings. It should start to cool right off in May with our winter officially starting on June 1st.

  8. Cute Cozy Karma !
    Here's to warm weather porch reading soon !
    Cheers !

  9. Hi Serena!
    Big reminder that we live on opposite sides of the earth. Our spring is your fall. That must have been weird when you first moved to Australia. Your blanket snuggly nights are arriving while are are receding. Will be good reading weather! :):)

  10. Welcome Kim!
    I see you are also in Creative Every Day and have an Etsy shop! Cool! So glad you stopped by. Come back any time! :):)

  11. I too like sleeping in a cool bedroom, which is why I was so uncomfortable on my two most recent trips. The bedrooms were 80 to 90 degrees and I laid there sweating. I was so glad to come back to my cool bedroom and my cats that sleep like bookends on either side of me.

    Cookie makes "chirping" sounds and Chiclet meows, so they are very different.

  12. Hi Sue,
    I can't sleep when it is hot! That had to be horrible! I don't think we'd do well in a hot climate--hehe! I suffer thru the couple of hot months we have here...inside with the AC on--ROFL! I'd rather it was cool with kitties, too. :)


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