Thursday, April 15, 2010


Everything is slowly drying up in the field across the way, but that huge puddle of water is what is still attracting the geese. There used to be a small pond in front of that dark brown building on the left when I moved in here five years ago. Would have taken up the whole center of this picture. They have spent a lot of time and money filling it in with dirt and covering it up. But so far, as you can see, the water continues to attempt to accumulate elsewhere. The geese still remember the pond and swampy area. They still stop. Fewer each year.
It's another gorgeous day. Blue skies and a few scattered white clouds.

A pair of noisy geese leaving the field.

I do miss the sound of the pond--the frog/toad/cricket serenade on summer nights. The ducks that don't stop anymore. Watching the mass of white rabbits cavorting in the field in the spring. *sigh* They've killed most everything by now. I see the occasional rabbit. And we still have crickets, of course. The field has been filling up around the edges with businesses. They've been hauling in more dirt.
Progress. Civilization. I am reaping the benefits.
Karma listening to the little birds--swallows and sparrows--singing with joy in the morning.
Sleeping later. All that fresh air is exhausting.
I'm off to the porch to listen to the birds sing. :) :)


  1. Goodness that cat can sleep in just about any position!

    Reminds me of Garfield the Cat sleeping in the lasagne pan...

  2. That's a cute picture of Karma hanging over the arm of the chair.

    The picture with the pair of geese was really nice and clear. Cool pic, in fact. :)

    The sounds of crickets and tree frogs get on my nerves, and I just can't get to sleep. Same goes for a dripping faucet (or a trailer drip edge during or after a rain storm) and a ticking clock. Grinds on my nerves.

    We have a beautiful day here today, but I can't open my windows. The guy who rents the corn field between our trailer and the mountain is out there spreading pig (or chicken) manure and it's enough to gag a person. He's out there with another tanker full as I type this. :( (video to be on my blog sometime soon)

  3. LOVE that last photo of Karma ~ :)

  4. What a funny way to sleep. Maybe she was cooling her belly. LOL!
    Have you ever had her thyroid checked to see if that's why she sleeps so much?

  5. Hi Iggy!
    There's an email that went around showing cats sleeping in boxes in all kinds of positions and they really have Karma beat--hehe! Cats do love odd places to sleep--especially kittens. ;)

  6. AliceKay--She falls asleep hanging over the arm of the chair quite often. Looks so uncomfortable.

    I can take most any steady noises as I am going to sleep--it's just the irregular sounds that keep me from sleeping. I even have a sound machine on my headboard that I put on every night. My favorite is to listen to rain/thunderstorms. but I miss being able to skip the sound machine and listen to the frogs chorus in the summertime.

    Living in farm country--I know exactly what you mean by the manure spreading time in the spring. I have smelled that unforgettable scent many times. Not pleasant--despite the fact that people say you get used to it, I highly doubt I ever could--hehe! :)

  7. Hi Serena!
    Maybe if I am changing my diet I should put Karma on indoor cat food! She's 20 pounds of cat love hanging over that chair arm--hehe! :)

  8. Hi Sue,
    I don't know if she actually sleeps 20 hours or it just seems like it. Probably not. I doubt there's anything wrong with her thyroid. She's just a solitary cat in a small apartment with a sedentary owner. ;)


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