Sunday, April 18, 2010


Can you tell Karma is squeezing her eyes shut and trying to wish me and my camera away? hehe!
I have been pouring over these books the past few days.
I think between going off my pills, gearing up to watch Food Inc., watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and just being determined to try something else again...
...I am planning to start switching over in May to a kind of macrobiotic ovo-lacto (eggs & dairy) vegetarian diet.
Now, I have to admit--I have never been successful at drastically changing my eating habits for very long, even tho I have gradually been eating healthier over the past decade or so. I went without beef once for several years, but I have never tried to give up my chicken and fish. So--who knows? But I really want to see if I can do this. I will have a while to ease into it because I do have a lot of tuna in the pantry--hehe! And right now I have hamburger and chicken in the freezer. So--I will start weaning myself off of meat, too, starting in May. Until then I will try to eat as much as possible from the freezer so I have room for lots of frozen veggies and fruit. That's the plan, anyways. :)
I can watch Food Inc at any time I can work myself up to it because it is on the Instant Movie list on Netflix. I'm thinking maybe I should try and eat the meat in the freezer first before I do. From what I hear I think I am going to be upset and in tears when I watch this documentary on how we really raise our food animals. So--I am thinking end of April. I am bracing myself.
Meanwhile...I have been watching all of Jamie's Food Revolution segments. In fact, I have one on tape from Friday that I am going to watch as soon as I am done blogging here. I think it is wonderful what he is doing here and apparently has done in England, too. :)
Yesterday I never really had the time to blog before Dagan and Leah picked me up to go to get our eye exams. And when I don't blog in the first several hours I am up, I often never get around to it, as you probably know.
First of all, I forgot to bring along my very old glasses for the donation box.
Hello 70s-80s!!
I can't believe anybody would be able to use these, but then maybe they can regrind the lenses? They're certainly big enough--ROFL! Apparently they take all the old glasses. I'll try to remember to bring them when we go back on May 1st.
We all got our exams. Leah and my nearsightedness improved a little! That totally amazed me as it has never happened before in my life. But then, I am in dire need of stronger bifocals--hehe!
Both Dagan and I have appointments to go back on May 1st to see the lady who specializes in glaucoma. We were both a little above average with eye pressure and he wants to be absolutely sure about that since it runs in the family. (My dad has been dealing with it for around 30 years now--almost blind in one eye.) We'll all go back again--(descend upon Pearl Vision--hehe!)--and pick out glasses next time.
We didn't realize they were only open till 2pm on Saturdays. So we just got all the exams paid for...and looked and looked at frames. The lady set aside some pairs we were interested in and is ordering the ones Leah liked in another color so she can see if she really wants them or not.
I had never seen these new glasses that come with a magnetic sunglass attachment that fits right over the exact shape of the lenses--with a simple magnetic click! Awesome! But then--transition lenses would be a lot easier--nothing extra to carry around...lots to think about. I want to get good ones because, who knows--could be another 8-9 years before I will buy new ones again, right?
What I thought was hysterically funny was what the frames are like these days! Rhinestones and do-dads and designs are all the rage on the bows! Good Lord! Really hard to find a plainer pair of frames. And rectangular is the big thing--and with coke-bottle-bottom prescriptions like Dagan and I have you can't really get square edges or the kind with no frame on the bottoms. Leah has always preferred the rectangular or squared glasses, so she liked that. But--to find something plainer--arg!! Maybe I'll bring my camera and take some pictures next time, if I can remember. Rhinestones and bling! I couldn't believe it! hehe!
I think I am feeling a little more clear-headed. Like going from living under a thin blanket to thick gauze--ROFL! I am hoping to have weaned myself off the pain pills by May, too. :):)
Cloudy today, but no rain--supposed to get up near 70. This is absolutely the perfect weather in my book. 40 degrees at night so you can sleep with the window cracked open snuggled under the covers and yet warms up gradually during the day, but never gets too hot. No bugs really yet. Geese honking. Birds singing and building nests. Having the windows and porch door open after many months. I can't get enough of it!! Absolutely perfect weather! :)
I've been writing letters--reading the cookbooks and making a grocery list--and catching up on stuff I have on tape. I should catch up online a bit today...but right now I am going to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution! :):)
Hope you had a great weekend!!


  1. Hi Rita! I am gonna email you, probably tomorrow.
    What do you like about those cookbooks? Are any of them the type that you can't live with out? I've been thinking about ordering some stuff on Amazon, cause I'm not a very good vegetarian. It's not that I'm eating meat or anything, but I'm just not knowledgeable about this stuff.Maybe I need the Vegetarian for Dummies book!

  2. in reverse order, I just finally donated 7 pairs of mine. I was keeping them "just in case, because I had cataract surgery 3 years ago which was a real blessing. I too, wore coke bottle glasses all my life, so I can sympathize, plus I have a small head and almost no bridge across my nose, so was always hard to fit.

    Do you have Francis Moore Lappe's "Diet For a Small Planet" or "Eat Right For Your Blood Type". Sometimes it's certain classes of foods that are causing the problems, like the deadly nightshade family - potatoes, eggplants and I forget what else, or have you ever been checked for a gluten allergy? All of these can cause problems until they are eliminated.

    I'll send you a file of vegetarian recipes by email that you can save to your computer and/or print out.

  3. I tried the Transitions lenses a number of years ago, but I just didn't like them. We drove across the state to go to our son's college football game (he was in the marching band) and they just didn't work for me. It was an overcast day but the glasses darkened and I couldn't even see the field thru my camcorder because it was so dark. I walked back to the car (long walk too) and got my old glasses. I called the doctor and she sent them back and replaced them with regular lenses. (i have a wonderful optometrist)

    I've also had the glasses with the magnetic frames and matching sunglasses. Mine are called Easy Clip. It was easy to put the sunglasses on and off, and I liked that about them, but the sunglasses set out from the regular lenses a bit and I would get glare between the frames. :\ That glare bothers me. Those frames are in my dresser drawer, and I'll probably get new lenses in them the next time I need new glasses because I can't afford new frames again so soon. Terri just went for his exam last week, and it cost him $425 for new lenses (both work and regular glasses) and one pair of frames. :(

    I already have cataracts starting in both eyes, and I have a tiny hole in my left retina. I had to go see an eye specialist last year, and he told me it was minor, but also told me a couple of things to watch out for in case it tears. When I hit 50, I went to pieces. LOL (i'm 54 now)

    Good luck with your new glasses, and good luck with your new diet once you begin. (sorry for the long comment)

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Be great to hear from you via email! :)

    I am pretty new to this, so I am not sure. If they have a Vegetarian For Dummies I would probably need it. But--the macrobiotic one has a lot of information in the beginning--which is what I need. And so does the Vegetarian Times one.

    The Moosewood--in the back it has a list of description of ingredients I have gone back to. I got that one years ago because I went on a women's weekend retreat once and the chef cooked all veggie meals from this cookbook and they were delicious!! The 3 Bowls--has an ingredient description list in the back, too--but I love it because of the whole philosophy of the monks. It was recommended to me by the chef at the women's retreat. I watched as he sliced and diced by hand with such reverence and love. He explained to me that how we handle the food and the love and gratitude we feel for it as we make it--that was of great importance. And yet--I have a violent Cuisinart--ROFL!

    Anyways, those are my four favorite ones I seem to go back to. I probably have half a dozen more on veggies and vegetarian cooking--but I remembered these were my favs as I was looking thru them. Not that I have made all that many recipes from them--ROFL! I don't know if that helps? I used to get the magazine, too--Vegetarian Times? I should maybe get that again, too.

  5. Hi Sue,
    Cataracts run in my family, too. I guess I didn't have any signs of that. At least he didn't mention anything. I forgot to ask, but I'm sure he would have said something.

    I tried a gluten-free diet for four months a few years ago--nothing. I didn't notice any changes at all. Not with pain, IBS, weight..nothing. And it wasn't the best tasting and a lot more expensive, so I dropped it. I've also tried eliminating about 95% of dairy, too. Didn't notice anything. So, I don't think I have allergies--that would be my guess, anyways.

    Thanks! I'll look for the email with the recipes! :)

  6. AliceKay,
    You're the first person I've heard say they didn't like the transition lenses. Everyone else says they love them. Sorry to hear they didn't work for you.

    I have already heard things about the magnetic sunglass pairs. Mainly that it is just as annoying as remembering your sunglasses everywhere you go--and if you lose them or break them they are really expensive to replace and you might not even be able to get the ones for your frames anymore. They really look cool, but I don't think I'll probably go that route.

    Cataracts run in my family, too. I am glad he didn't say anything about those. Got parents and grandparents who had cataract surgeries. But a hole in the retina! Good grief! What happens if it tears? That sounds like it would be horrible. I guess I haven't heard much about that--vague recollections. I hope it stays exactly as it is--forever!

    Thanks! And don't worry about long comments, Lady! Tho, if you do want to talk more you can always email me. ;)

  7. I think I will get the Three Bowls one....I love the Buddhist philosophies. I have been vegetarian for over six years now although I will have the occasional piece of seafood. I tried Vegan for 11 months but found it very limiting. There was a movie called Earthlings that also covered some of the atrocities that go on in the animal food industry. I've never been able to watch it tho because I've heard it is emotionally heartbreaking, particularly if you're an animal lover. It would upset me too much. Good luck with the changeover, Rita.

  8. If I suddenly see lots of flashes of light, I need to get to the eye surgeon ASAP...which would be hard to do because they're at the hospital that's 40 minutes away...if you don't get behind slow pokes thru the mountain roads. And thanks, I hope it stays the same and nothing happens, too.

  9. I have a rough time with the transition frames - at work I am often in and out and when in, on the computer - they just don't "transit" fast enough! LOL! In the winter I feel like I'm coming into a bear cave when out in the sun glaring off the snow.

    The mag-clips are pretty cool - I got some last time - and been wearing them - I got extra dark one and only wear them when its extra bright out.


    I need a diet that is regular (time wise) ... do any of them "cook and serve" themselves on a timer?

  10. Hi Serena,
    That's what I like about the 3 Bowls cookbook--that feeling of mindfulness when you cook and eat. :)

    I am going to see if Earthlings is also on Netflix's list. I figure I need something to remember--to shock me--when I miss my chicken, beef, and fish....I will watch them in May.

  11. AliceKay!! OMG! Did you go in!? Email me!

  12. Hi Iggy!
    Aha! Another transitions complaint, eh? Well, I suppose mine wouldn't get all that much use with as seldom as I leave the apartment--ROFL!

    I thought the magnetic clip on shades were really cool--just more trouble to haul around with you and take on and off. She saved a pair for me to look at next time that I really liked the looks of the glasses...well, I have till the first to decide.

    I would love to have a chef like Oprah--hehe! Somebody to just cook the really healthy food for me, like you said. I'd have to win the lottery of PCH--hehe! :):)

  13. To AlicaeKay- the Dr probably should be more specific about the "flashes of light" I get optical migraines occasionally, which I had never heard of before. There is no pain involved, but it's like you're on an acid trip or something. For me, it starts out with a small blind spot in about the center of my eye, then a zigzag shaped sort of lightening shaped bar becomes visible, then flashes on and off, then slowly fades away. I have learned that if I stay quiet and cover up that eye for about a half hour, it will go away on it's own, If I have them more than once in awhile, or if I suddenly see a blank, black area, then I am supposed to call the Dr and go to the emergency room because that could mean a torn retina. I don't know if this confused things or helped.

  14. No...I haven't gone anywhere. Sitting right here typing this comment to you on my computer. :)

    My last comment in this post was telling you what my eye specialist told me to watch out for in regards to the hole in my retina. I'm fine. *knocks on wood as i'm a bit superstitious*

  15. Sue--I have heard of the flashes with migraines. Sounds disturbing. Makes it hard to know if it is anything else, so good to know what to look for.

    AliceKay--I guess I misread your post. Man! I have been so fuzzy-brained lately! That proves it! I need to try to clear my head....if I can. sorry!


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