Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Beautiful sunny day yesterday!

A windows-wide-open day and Miss Karma was at her post.
Her "don't bother me" look.
I started on the other side of the pantry during the night.
Got it all emptied out.

This side was much easier to empty for me--items much lighter and smaller. Then I started cleaning and organizing and kept working sessions during the night and all morning. I got this far--TaDa!!!

I was reorganizing jars (sizes for storage of some items) and then had to clean off the remnants of old labels.
Saw a lot of this spray bottle--hehe! I'd spray and leave. Come back and scrape. Then ran the dishwasher for a couple of loads.
This was as far as I had gotten by noon.
That was all she wrote for me for the day.
I met Caroline in my robe! That has only happened a couple of times. She put all the jars up on the top shelf, scrubbed down the pantry floor, wiped down the silver garbage can, and put it back in the pantry for me. Even went down and got my mail for me. I didn't have the trash ready or anything, but she pulled out and took what was in the big silver can for me. Even put in a new bag for me. Grateful. I couldn't hardly move anymore yesterday. She's such a sweetheart! :)
I was in bed not too long after Caroline left. After I got up tonight (first time in days that I have gone to bed and woke up on a different day--hehe!) I finished up with putting the few things back on the pantry floor. Oh--Caroline had even wheeled my trusty little green cart in yesterday, too.

I still have more things to return to the pantry on these shelves, but everything looks so nice and clean--and organized! I can find everything again! Ahhh!
When you glance at the pantry--it looks just the same. You'd never know I have spent six days on it so far--hehe!
I still have to go thru everything on right side of the art table, but that's all that's left--and it can sit there for a good long while and not bother me at all--hehe! I'm done in for a while.
A lot of my old Tupperware containers can be given away. (Funny--some of these I bought when Dagan was a toddler!!) I've been getting rid of what used to be a massive amount of Tupperware little by little over the past few moves--hehe! Just going to keep a few of them. I have been using glass for leftovers lately--and glass jars for the storage of my staples, as you can tell, for decades. But the large Tupperware containers I have on the floor of the pantry--priceless! Nothing better to store flour and rice, etc. I'll probably never get rid of those large ones. :)
Dagan and Leah are going to stop by tonight. I've made it around the clock enough to stay awake, too! We're probably just going to visit more than anything. I am useless, anyways--and they know it--hehe! ;)
Speaking of useless. I'm going to go lean back in my comfy chair (Karma is sleeping between my legs) and watch Psych (from Caroline). I don't think I am going to be up to moving much at all for a few days. I am proud of myself, tho--only the one extra pain pill! Still just taking the one half pill before I go to bed. So far, anyways--been tolerating pretty well. Pride goeth before the fall, tho, and all that...don't want to be too cocky--hehe! :)
Happy Wednesday!! :):)


  1. Happy Wednesday!!

    Can I ask a question? Besides that one, I mean? Oh, and that one? Ack! I better just ask!

    What do you store in the wooden thingy with all the drawers standing on the floor? Tan Lynch? Is that what it says?

    Opps. I'm way over question quota now...

  2. LOL @ Iggy. *counts up the questions*

    Your pantry looks great. Lots of hard work getting it all rearranged the way you wanted. Caroline sounds like a gem.

    I never knew Goo Gone came in a spray. I have the little bottles of liquid. Use it quite often, too.

    You're doing good with the pain pill management. I hope it continues to go well for you.

  3. Pretty cloud pictures! Your pictures make me think of my favorite movie Amelie! :) Looks like you've been busy with cleaning out your pantry! Finishing projects like that always make me feel good.

  4. for someone that talks about they don't get anything done, it looks like you were in a manic phase, so you certainly deserve a rest now.

    On another note, the census is so simple, I can't believe people are making such a fuss about answering it. it's only 7 - 9 questions and they are not allowed to ask you hardly anything other than your name, address, race or ethnic group and how people that live there are related to each other. Nothing about occupation or how much income, anything like that.

    We're still waiting for some of our materials to come in.
    The interview only take about 5 minutes, so if they come around, please get it filled out. It's important for how many state representatives you have and school districts and things.

  5. A job well done, be sure to rest up and let your body recover.

    I still have some of the large Tupperware storage pieces too. I used to have a lot of Tupperware but I can't afford it nowadays because it's so expensive. I tend to use the cheap look-a-likes instead and they do a good enough job. I like the idea of storing a lot of the dried food in glass jars.

  6. Hi Iggy,
    Been away for a few days recovering--hehe! The wooden taboret (drawers on wheels) is filled with art stuff. The white thing on the top is a Tom Lynch porcelain pallet. I'll show you pictures on the blog. You weren't the only one to ask--hehe!

    No question quota here. ;)

  7. AliceKay--Caroline is a sweetie! It's nice to have Goo Gone in a spray. I laid the bottles in the sink and sprayed the old labels and left them there to soak well. You still have to scrub the first layer off and spray again on a lot of them, but it's a real time saver compared to what we had to do years ago. ;)

  8. Jennifer--was a huge project for me and I am soooo glad to be done. Learned not to do that many days in a row, tho, next big project. :) I keep peeking in the pantry and grinning as I look it over--hehe!

  9. Sue--looks more "manic" than it was. I used to be able to do a project like this in a day--easily. This took six days--around 3-4 half hour sessions spread out over the entire day. But these days--that's totally manic for me--true. ROFL!

    My census was sent back the next day. I don't understand why so many people haven't bothered. Takes two minutes. I agree.

  10. Serena--I sure did rest up! Didn't even blog for a couple of days. Barely been near the computer. Will blog today tho (Sunday).

    I started using canning jars and spaghetti jars, etc, many years ago. I love them! But you can't stack them like the Tupperware. Always pros and cons, right? I love-love-love the glass jars for my grains, legumes, and coffee beans, tho! :)


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