Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Such a gorgeous day yesterday! There was just the barest shimmer of a breeze, so I could have the windows wide open all day! Karma was in seventh heaven...

...but still annoyed with my intrusion on her private moments--hehe!
Cloudier and cooler today. But it is still so nice to have the warmer spring weather to dry up the soggy ground and start greening everything up, too!
Have a happy day!! :):)


  1. She really likes that observation chair!

    Next thing you know, she'll want a power seat, additional lumbar support, binoculars, and maybe one of those parabolic listening dishes at the ready...

    I was going to add automatic treat dispenser but heck, I know she wants THAT already!

    :) Enjoy the warming sun!

  2. Hi Iggy!
    You give me the best visuals! Now I picture Karma with binoculars--hehe!

    I think she already has her automatic treat dispenser--me!!! LOL!!!

  3. Karma is in her element there looking out the window.

    We had thunderstorms early this morning, but it turned out to be a very nice and warm day here in northeastern PA. Some places broke records for high temps for the date. We had temps in the 80s. Our normal for this time of year is around 55. Forecast is for 30s to come back Friday night. :\

  4. I wonder if we are going to have above normal this summer--hot and humid? I hope not. We had a gloriously cooler summer last summer. Some people complained about it not being hot enough last year--not me!! I loved it! :)


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