Monday, April 05, 2010


After such a cold winter--then rain and flooding--what a delicious spring!
Karma likes to sit and watch the swooping swallows--and the passing geese...
...but isn't crazy about me interrupting her--hehe!
As promised--I am re-posting the envelope from Spruce/John that brings to mind Chicago gangster movies & tommy guns--and makes me chuckle. Just beads getting caught in the sorting machines at the post office--but I've never seen anything like it--and am still amazed the necklace arrived unscathed! I'm sure this thoroughly disgruntled a postal worker (or two or three) along its travels from Nain to Fargo--hehe!
I had several people remind me that having my address posted like that might not be a good idea, so I deleted the other photo. Covered up the address and took another "shot"--ROFL! Wanted it on the blog for posterity! :)
I have been watching Mad Men. Enjoying it immensely!! Washing clothes this morning. Sunny. Supposed to hit 60 again. Life is good. :):)


  1. No, that is one cat that doesn't want to be interrupted!! LOL! Such baleful eyes!! Probably dreaming about how nice a swallow pot pie and goose dinner would taste...

    Your tape on the envelope adds to the charm.. looks like you put bandaides on it!!! Medic!! Medic!!!!

  2. Cute Karma!

    LOL at Iggy calling for a medic!

  3. Karma is loving the sunshine. She looks funny giving you the evil eye. LOL

    I wondered about that address on that envelope, too, but I didn't say anything. Good idea to remove the other pic and post this one. It's truly a miracle the necklace arrived in one piece.

  4. Iggy! You really gave me my giggle for the day! Swallow pot pie and goose dinner--LOL! And bandaids!! Well, after the gunshots, the bandaids would probably be appropriate, right? hehe!

    I agree, Serena--Iggy sure can give you a chuckle!

    AliceKay--she does give me the evil cat eye. She can do that more definitely tn I have caught on camera, too--hehe!


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