Sunday, April 25, 2010


Karma tried to stay awake to watch The Blind Side with me during the night.

She may have lost interest but I thought it was excellent!! :) I think you've all probably heard about it with Sandra Bullock winning the Oscar and then finding out about her cheating husband all in--what--a week or something like that? What a shame.
I was pretty sore after all that lifting and carrying, so I took it easy tonight. Just added a bit to the chaos and cleared out the bottom of the pantry there on the floor--both sides--and swept. Next I will clean off shelves & floor and decide where things will go--start scrubbing bottles and jars and putting things away on the one side--so I can then start on the other side. I have no more surface area to set anything--hehe!
The sun is coming up. Well, not the sun really--shall we say the sky is getting lighter? That would be a bit more accurate--chuckle! We expect rain and clouds for a couple more days, I guess. Meanwhile--while I'm sleeping, have a happy Sunday, everybody!! :):)


AliceKay said...

I bought "The Blind Side" but haven't watched it yet. I was going to last night but watched "National Treasure" instead.

I hope you aren't hurting too much when you wake up from your sleep. You sure did a lot of cleaning yesterday.

It's raining and chilly here this morning. It started raining around 7:00 last night, and it's supposed to rain for a couple of days. I prefer sunshine and warm weather, but we needed the rain to make the hay fields grow...and the grass seed that Terri spread a few weeks ago.

Serena Lewis said...

I haven't seen The Blind Side yet but I hear it's a beautiful movies that's well worth watching.

Rest up and get a good sleep, my friend ~

Rita said...

I saw National Treasure, too. It was pretty god. I like Nicolas Cage, tho--probably watch whatever he's in. ;)

I'm moving slowly. Little at a time. Being careful. :):)

We have rain here, too. We always need both--rain and sun. Makes the world go around. :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
It made me cry a couple times. Had some very touching moments.

I did sleep well (cloudy day) and I'll work on the pantry again tonight...slowly. Thanks, I am being careful and slow. :):)

Intense Guy said...

Perhaps Karma thought the title was "three blind mice" - and was wondering where those meeses were.

I could watch Sandra Bullock for hours and hours and hours... and think her husband was/is insane to have the 'roving' eye... what the heck is wrong with him???

Rita said...

Iggy!! You make me smile! Three blind mice...she would have kept her eyes open!!

I really like Sandra Bullock, too. Sadly, I can empathize with her on the being attracted to bad boys (younger days--hehe!). I'm sure he ripped her heart out. I actually watched when she won her oscar--and you could see how much she truly loved him in her eyes and hear it in her voice. I wanted to smack him up-side the head! I feel badly for her. Hope she learns from this and makes a better choice next time. ;)