Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, the chaos has remained the same all night long.
I'm just not sure about doing anything yet... I'm holding off a day or so... rest...
...and wait for the pain level to subside a bit more before I continue on. See--I'm being good. :) After just having gone thru that flare for weeks, I don't want to start a pain loop up again. Especially since I am weaning off of pain pills. And I am actually doing quite well so far.
Just proves how I had built up a tolerance to the darvocet. There was not a huge leap in the pain level so far--going down to a quarter of what I was taking. A bump up--but nothing like I expected. I had grown fairly immune to the benefits, I guess. Was sore all the time anyways like I said. I am more sore, but nothing intolerable if I watch my activity closely.
Been sleeping well, too. So far, so good, eh? I should be off the darvocet by May--tada! I may be a little less physically functional, but not all that much less, I don't think. ?? Hey--I'm not that functional in the first place--ROFL!! Time will tell, right? I'm very happy. Don't care if it takes me a month to clean the pantry! The more I am off the pills the more I feel like myself in my head, you know? I guess I'd rather choose my brain feeling better and my body feeling worse--hehe! :):)
They're still talking cooler and rainy today. Good sleeping weather--ahhh!
But I heard there were 54 tornadoes across Mississippi yesterday! And there's snow in western North Dakota right now. Seems like we keep hearing about mother nature acting up all over the world! Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods. I wonder if we actually are having so much more damaging weather or the information is just out there globally in an instant these days?
I guess I can be grateful it is just raining up here and I can sleep peacefully today. I can dream...even if I don't remember much. Yesterday I was dreaming something about crafting--hehe! That's good! That's good! I'll take crafting dreams!
Sweet dreams! Whenever you sleep next. :):)


Intense Guy said...

It's almost May already!

Karma must be in curious cat heaven with all the new things to investigate on the floor...

Hope you dreams continue to be pleasant ones.

AliceKay said...

The weather seems extreme in a number of areas all around the world. I wouldn't want to live in a tornado prone area. I get uneasy at bad thunderstorms. Living in a mobile home can do that to you. We get small tornadoes once in awhile, but nothing like the ones that hit other states.

Your pantry reorganization project is a big one. I'm sure you'll figure out how you want to arrange it in due time.

Happy dreaming. :)

akartisan said...

When I lived in Rapid City, SD in the early 70's, we had quite a few tornadoes. I think we just hear about them more now. I lived in an attic apartment, so it would get pretty exciting when the tornadoes were going through. We had to open all the windows to equalize the pressure, then go downstairs to the landlords. We also had a major miller moth invasion, then the next year, the caterpillars wiped out most of the oat fields in just a few minutes. Every where I've lived, there has been some kind of extreme weather going on.

Hope it's not me! LOL!

Rita said...

Iggy--yes! May is just around the corner! Karma loves to investigate the mess, but it also has her a little on edge. Or maybe it's the change in routine--not enough beauty sleep--hehe? Tough cookies, eh?

Rita said...

AliceKay--we have always had tornadoes in the Midwest. Long story short--I was in the science fair at the junior high--watched a tornado tear the roof off section by section. Walked home in between tornadoes--11 of them went thru Fridley that night. They called Fridley "tornado alley" for a long time after that. I know what you mean--the trailer park was hit hard--tossed about like matchboxes.

Seems like every area has their weather issues. We have ice storms, blizzards, hail, and tornadoes mostly. Oh--and the farmers deal with pest invasions--grasshoppers, etc.

I am getting the pantry project done faster than I thought. I'll be really sore for days (something I cannot avoid no matter what--just a matter of how intense), but it will be so wonderful!! :):)

Happy dreams to you, too!! :)

Rita said...

Sue--I just mentioned to AliceKay that I was right in the Junior High when it was hit back in 1965, I think it was. When I was a kid they talked about leaving windows open on one side of the house--but if you're actually in one--it is pointless. And if you aren't close enough you are just going to let the rain in and ruin your stuff--hehe! I have never bothered to crack windows open since then. They had this idea that it would help reduce the pressure or something? I haven't heard them talk about that window thing for decades.

Obviously, we still have the regular pest plagues. I think it has more to do with the huge single crop farming that has been going on for decades. When they arrive they have miles to feast on their favorite crop. :(