Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day!!!
Before I left yesterday I looked to see if there was anything I should tape on TV while I was gone. The Universe is trying to tell me something. PBS was playing Food Inc last night! So, I didn't tape it. I'll watch it on Netflix when I'm ready. But--I thought that was pretty "coincidental"--hehe!
When I got to Dagan and Leah's they weren't there yet. (I have a key.) I was greeting Sammy and Annie when I heard a turkey in the woods! I went out on the balcony. Couldn't see the turkey, but what a view on the river!

Dagan and Leah are going to try to get some pictures of the wild turkeys for me. They said there were babies last year! Awesome!! I got to see one last night, but he was running across the back yard and ran up in between the buildings before I could get a picture. Big!! Can hardly wait to see pictures. Maybe they'll have babies again this year? Cool!
That is why Dagan and Leah don't want to move. It is so peaceful there. And all they see out their windows are trees! I miss that. In Moorhead where I lived there were tons of old trees everywhere. Ahhh! Yes, I do miss trees where I am in south Fargo.
Anyways, I talked with Sammy and Annie...and took a few pictures, of course
Sammy came up to see me right away.
To my surprise, shy Annie came to check me out, too.
Annie even came over and let me scratch her! Even laid down for a little bit so I could pet and scratch her good. :)
Sammy jumped up to smell my coffee thermos. (Dagan and Leah don't drink coffee, so I bring it with me if I want some.)
Dagan and Leah were late because Leah needed to take her car in. Dagan had to pick her up at work and drop her off at the repair shop. (Don't you just hate car troubles?) We had "meat" on the grill for dinner. (I have given myself till I am out of meat at home--hehe!) And then Dagan and Leah showed me how to use this computer system to watch TV.
The computer screen is actually on the TV! Here we were watching YouTube videos on how to hammer a copper bowl. They get all the local stations you'd get with an antenna. (More than I did, tho, at my place when I just had an antenna.) And then, these days, you can find so many TV shows online. You don't need cable to actually watch cable anymore. I get a lot of them from Netflix, too.
I have to call this other local Internet server, Idea One--not the big Cable One local server--to see if they cover my building. Dagan and Leah found Idea One is half the price and they like the service better--faster, etc. But, even if I had to keep Cable One for the Internet I wouldn't have to pay for cable TV...or buying new VHS tapes and new I regularly wear them out and they are both getting harder to find already. I could even give away the old TV in the bedroom (which I rarely ever watch, just tape stuff in there.)
Anyways, I definitely love this whole system! Might take me a while to figure it out, but it is really cool! Dagan and Leah said they might be able to get me set up in a few months and I can just make payments back to them every month. That way I could get it sooner. That would be great! I'm due to buy VHS tapes--so I will hold off. And the VCRs are both acting up a bit. It would be great not to have to buy new ones!! Hurray! I'm excited about this!! Thanks so much Dagan and Leah!! What would I do without you!!?? :):)
R&R day today, of course--but it's a wonderful sunny day! :):)


  1. Sammy really has beautiful eyes! And my Mom had two black cats, Shadow and Ying (as in Ying/Yang) and Annie looks just like 'em.

    I looked closely in the scruby brambles for wild Turkeys (Turki?) and didn't see them... Maybe the Alligator (or huge carp) in the watering hole "et" 'em.


    Nice to see you got out of the "cabin" on such a nice day! I still have some betamax tapes.. want them? :)

  2. It sounds like Annie is coming out of her shell a lot more. Loved the nature looks quite peaceful and serene there.

    Dagan and Leah have a great entertainment set-up there....perfect for their viewing pleasure!

  3. Sammy and Annie are beautiful cats.

    Where Dagan and Leah live looks like a nice area. I hope you get to see the turkeys again soon.

    And I hope you're able to get that tv/computer hook-up soon. I agree...blank VCR tapes are getting harder and harder to buy. (hey, iggy...our first VCR was a beta)

  4. Iggy--Sammy does have arresting blue eyes! I've always loved black cats and have had a few myself over the years. Annie is very pretty, too, but harder to get pictures of. :)

    Ha! The first recorder I had was a Beta, too! They had smaller tapes and we were sure they'd be more popular--hehe!

    I looked and looked, too. Could hear it gobbling away, but couldn't see a thing. Be awesome if they have babies again and they get pictures this year. You really feel like you are out in the wild when you hear turkeys! hehe!

  5. Serena--yes, Annie was actually friendly to me--for her. Amazed me! But I come in alone and talk to them. My animals have always been family members to me. Leah walked in and wondered why I was talking "baby talky" to the cats--hehe! I was saying--"Who's that? Leah's home! Leah's home!" Dagan thought nothing of it, of course, when he came in and heard me announcing his arrival to his own cats. He grew up with me--ROFL!

  6. AliceKay--It really is just beautiful and peaceful there along the river. I get my tree fix when I visit--hehe!

    Not only are the VCR tapes getting harder to find, it's also getting harder to find VCRs to buy, too. And they don't last nearly as long as they used to. I have heard that they don't make electronics to actually last more than a couple of years--on purpose! So you will have to buy new stuff. I think I believe it.


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