Friday, September 08, 2006


What a last couple of days! After the neck swelling Wednesday, I woke up with a terrible headache Thursday and have had it ever since. One of my really bad ones in my right forehead that lasts 2-3 days. I am on day two--relief is soon on the way. This is the first time I have ever wondered if the neck swelling and the headaches might be related? It's the first time I noticed that there's also a weird feeling up the back of my head on the right side along with the headache. Normally the pain in the forehead is the only thing I notice, of course, since it rather dominates my attention. The swelling in my neck goes up into my jaw and behind my ear--to the base of the skulll. Hummm??? Oh well, whatever it is, I have been living with it for many years. I suppose it could have something to do with my ram-rod straight bones in my neck from all the years of stress? Could be pinching nerves? Right now--I don't really care why. Just waiting for it to subside. I have had four separate hours of sleep since I woke up Thursday--and that was with the help of an Aleeve, two Bufferin, and two pain pills.

Besides that little annoyance--I have still been trying to read my assignments for the online classes. I am caught up with the fiction class, but the second chapter of the memoir book we were assigned to read is over 120 pages! Not easy to do with a splitting headache. Being the stubborn Swede that I am, I have been reading little by little and have read more than half. I am hoping to finish today so that I can go online tomorrow for both the classes and check in. I am not up to reading all the posts today, either--but hopefully tomorrow. I have just about used up my spoons for the day already. :)

Karma and Gracie are exhausted today, too. I have slept so little--and, therefore, neither have they. That makes Gracie very edgy and she has to squawk every time I move (great for a headache-chuckle!). She just needs to see where I am every second and talk to me a lot when she's ill at ease. I have to keep talking to her and telling her she is just fine. Silly girl! Animals really are tuned in to how you feel emotionally. I think Gracie can tell I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days and it makes her want to talk to me more. (She does that when I am talking and/or excited, too, but then it's because she wants to join in the conversation and fun.) Karma, on the other hand, has wanted to be lying quietly purring on my chest half the time the last couple days. Way more than she ever would be. Wanting to console me---or (since it has cooled down considerably up here in the North country and I love the windows open) is she trying to warm up! I was just chuckling out loud--you can guess my answer!! :)

I know you don't know if I am gone, but I have been away several times because I can only sit here a short time with the headache. I have watered my plants, done some stretching, have a fresh pot of coffee brewing (sometimes caffine helps alleviate the headaches a bit), talked a while with Miss Gracie to calm her fears, checked my mail (no Netflix today--where are they when I need them--hehe!), and spent a little time with Karma on the porch looking for bugs on the screen.

It's a beautiful day. The temps have dropped into the 60s during the day up here. Believe it or not, there's a frost advisory out for tonight! I think my plants on the porch will be as okay as they can be, I guess. Neither of them took as well to being outside as I thought they would. Maybe the spider likes it the best, I guess. I don't think they are crazy about the wind. It's an aquired taste.

Karma's now draped across the arm of the chair watching the kids playing outside. I can hear them running and shouting to each other. Probably have to keep moving to stay warm--hehe! I don't have the livingroom windows open today for the first time. Must be too cold for Karma to sit on the porch for long, either, for her to come inside to watch from behind the windowpane. It got so cold in here last night that I actually had to turn off the bedroom fan and shut all the windows and the porch door. It was so quiet in the middle of the night without the bedroom turbo fan--almost stunning! I wonder how low it got last night? I never checked, but it felt like it might have even dipped into the 40's?? Too early for it to be this cold. What crazy weather! I still prefer this to the heat, tho--any day!!

Well, it is 6:30pm now. I guess I am going to throw on a sweatshirt and go sit outside--drink hot coffee and read for a few minutes at a time. Try to finish the long, long chapter. :)

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